1. snowmatt1

    Events/Trails Sierra Trip in my hundy (with pics)

    I had a weekend free, so I made a quick getaway trip to the Sierra's to do some fishing. Stayed at a great little place in Big Pine and fished Hot Creek and the Upper Owens. Cruiser handled great in some very mild snow offroading. We left early Saturday with the plan to fish Saturday, stay the...
  2. overton

    SD, WY, MT, ID Trip - Suggestions Wanted

    Not sure of the best place to post this. I'm headed west Aug 28th on a two week trip. Leaving IA heading west to SD, WY, MT, and ID. Will likely be stopping in: Rapid City, SD Sheridan, WY Jackson Hole WY, Yellowstone area Coeur d' Alene Everything else is up for grabs. Ample time to explore...
  3. CV Kurt

    NV Native Trout Hunt

    Today I'll pack my FJC up in prep for my solo NV Native Trout Hunt, heading out early Sunday morning, :steer: by 4AM. The target trout list includes: * Bonneville Cutthroat, found in creeks in and near Great Basin N.P. in White Pine county. * Yellowstone Cutthroat, found in a Goose Creek and...
  4. Adrian Frick

    WaterPORT- On board pressurized shower/rinse system

    Use code "mud20" for 20% off @ The WaterPORT provides easy access to pressurized water for use at play, work or in emergencies. Simply fill the tank with water using a garden hose and go. Our systems also allow the user to manually fill through the top cap and pressurize...
  5. jamesurq

    Deep Sea Fishing - Any Interest?

    Anyone here interested in a Charter Boat Deep Sea Fishing trip? May and June are when the Mahi and Yellowfin are starting to bite. For reference: 5 people maximum per boat (certainly we can get more than one boat if there's a lot of interest) Approximately $250 per person or so for the...
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