1. rampantwolf

    1998 TLC UZJ100 build log

    So I pulled the motor and tranny today. Back story: Picked up this 98 TLC with 157k miles on CL for $3k last week. Ad said a pulley was stuck and the battery didn't work. The wife wanted it out of the driveway. Turned out to be a frozen alternator. Took off the accessories belt and drove it up...
  2. S

    Epoxy for Airbox Resonator Assembly ?

    Knowing that all epoxies are not created equal does anyone have a recommendation for a type/brand of epoxy for repairing the Air Intake Resonator that comes off the Airbox (Toyota 17875-50190) . It's the same black plastic material that the airbox is made from. Not sure if the the old standby JB...
  3. meatloaf

    Post Sandblast & Epoxy Rust

    I had the tub and parts from my FJ40 sandblasted & epoxy primered last year. Body has sat since and it is now full of rust, some places more than others. Looks like blaster shop just splashed the primer on vs. spraying... So now that I want to start working on the body but do not want to...
  4. LINUS

    Favorite spray can/brush paints & your prep practices?

    Thought I'd start a thread about favorite paints you use -either rust converters or for clean metal- kind of like a "pet handloads" of ammo, just for paint. I have no experience with John Deere paints, so would like to hear on those myself. My favorites: ==Clean metal - Rustolium Industrial...
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