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    2018MY changes Rear Seat Entertainment optional!

    A nice guy over at T4R posted the changes on the LC 200 for me yesterday. Thought I would share. As a result MSRP has also been lowered $1,110. A small victory I'd say for end of model lifecycle updates.
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    Mirror phone screen wirelessly to rear entertainment system.

    I'm not sure if any of you are already doing this or how useful it is, but you can screen mirror your phone screen to your rear entertainment system by using goggle Chromecast or many other casting devices. I already had a chromecast so that's what I'm using. Now i can watch youtube, Netflix...
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    '08 Removing rear console entertainment (Broken Headphone).. HELP!

    Fellow Enthusiasts, For the last month, my son has broken off his headphone jacks INSIDE, while plugged. Here's what I tried: - Took it to an Audio Store and the guy tried getting them out with tweezers - Tried to GLUE a piece off of a Q-tip - BIC Pen piece - BOUGHT THE GRIPSTICK headphone...
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    Added Rear Seat Media Player LX/LC

    The rear seat entertainment center is cumbersome and with limited functionality, thanks to the inability to connect a USB drive or stick that will read movies, or give full selection control to the rear passengers. I found the following solution, for under $50, which works perfectly. - Micca...
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