1. theglobb

    1KZ-TE EGT on inclines at altitude question

    Hey there, my family and I are going up to the mountains in a week or so (around 4000-6000ft in elevation) with many windy hills etc etc, and was wondering if it would be ok to take my father's totally stock KZJ78 Prado with a 5spd up there WITHOUT an EGT gauge. I took my BJ75 up there this past...
  2. theglobb

    NA 3B EGT Temp Too Low?

    Hey there, I recently installed an EGT gauge all went well... I think, but I think like my temps are too low from everything else I've read online. It stays between 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit at all time pretty much, I was able to hit 700 for a couple of seconds when I ran it really hard from a...
  3. theglobb

    Best place for NA 3B EGT probe?

    Hey there, I recently got an Issopro EV2 EGT gauge for Christmas and was wondering where the best place to put it would be for accuracy and response time? The 2 places I'm deciding against I have marked in red and orange as you can see. So which would be better, or is there another better place...
  4. MonsterCruiser

    1HD-T Pre vs Post Turbo EGT Readings

    I have both pre and post turbo gauges rigged up on my truck right now, so I thought I'd do a couple hill runs for my own comparison and I set up the GoPro so I could show others as well :) It's noted in the video as well, but the analog gauge is pre-turbo in Celsius and the digital reading on...
  5. R

    Pre-turbo EGT probe location? and fuel injector rebuild question - 2L-T

    Hi all, Coming from the VW diesel world where there is passionate debate about the merits of pre vs. post-turbo EGT probe reliability, my usual mechanic balked at a post-turbo install (he's a friend as well). Are there any easy to get to and robust locations for pre-turbo EGT probe installation...
  6. Loober

    For Sale  Gloshift EGT and boost gauge - $100

    Hello, Selling the EGT and boost gauge, EGT comes with a brand new probe, boost just needs a boost hose comes with compression fitting. Both gauges have the wires cut about 3" long, can be easily spliced, instructions can be found on their web site. Nick
  7. KevsDieselLC

    EGT, oil pressure & water temp sensors and gauges for 3B

    Hey everybody, does anyone have any good recommendations for sensors and gauges for the 3B diesel (with supra CT26 turbo)? Any instructions how to install them? Thanks!
  8. Malahki

    HDJ81 - HP Diesel Series 2 Intercooler Install & Review

    I recently purchased and installed the HP Diesel series 2 intercooler (from Austrailia) into my 1991 HDJ81 (JDM spec). I decided to do a thread to share my results and add some additional pics and info on intallation not detailed in the instruction manual. Their is a couple slight differences...
  9. K

    Sensors and Indicators for 80 series turbo-diesel engine

    Hi guys, I have an 80 series Diesel 1997, engine 1HD-T and I am travelling right now in South America. I would like to know what important sensors would you suggest to install in order to monitor the engine and keep its health for a long period. I am aware about EGT sensor and the oil reservoir...
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