1. T

    Funky Chicken back with a vengeance

    So I’ve tried almost everything I’ve read on Mud. Still no luck. 84 3B 60 series. EDIC cycles every 10 seconds with accessories on (heater, lights, etc) doesn’t stall engine, just cuts fuel for a split second Cleaned all grounds throughly Replaced oil sender for gauge / Cleaned wire for oil...
  2. T

    Funky Chicken is back with a vengeance

    Alright. I had this issue once before on my 86 BJ60 - 3B, And i solved it by cleaning the ground between my frame and bell housing. However, now my EDIC keeps cycling to stop for a split second and then back to run. At idle with no accessories on, it seems to happen rarely. It persists more when...
  3. yaox0702

    BJ60 hesitates when accessories are on

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a BJ60 with 260k kilometers on it and I am a new member of the community. I posted under the 60 wagon thread already and they told me that I could get more responses here. As I drove it back from Ohio I noticed the engine hesitates on acceleration when I turn on...
  4. T

    Funky chicken EDIC issue persisting :(

    Experiencing some funky chicken in my EDIC system on my 3B and can’t seem to find what’s causing it. I’ve taken off my engine block grounds other wires that are easy access and sanded and cleaned them down, I’ve even taken apart my fuel control relay to see if there was any corrosion on it and...
  5. G

    Can anyone help with EDIC shut off problem

    Hello, I'm new to this forum having joined in the hope that someone can help with my EDIC problem. First of all, my Landcruiser is a BJ42 1984 model and I've driven her every day since I bought back in 1995. A few months ago, after hitting a particularly big pothole, I noticed that the car...
  6. Dan Groves

    EDIC 12v - for 3B.......wail wail...groan!

    Hello from England.... My incomplete B (don't ask!) to 3B swap continues to frustrate.......it seems the 3B has an EDIC......which of course I don't have - any guidance, selling, commiserations greatly appreciated - happy to get from anywhere worldwide as I am soooooooo close now.....possibly...
  7. 78BJ40CRZR

    BJ40 EDIC motor is shutting off the engine without key switch

    Hello, I just replaced my EDIC motor and also gave it a brand new relay. My EDIC motor is shutting off the engine without key switch. It will idle for about 10 seconds then shut down. Any clues as to what is causing this? Thank you
  8. B

    82 HJ60 used to start first time every time, now starts second time every time, any idea's?

    Was going to post up a video but no dice, non compatible.. simply i reckon the EDIC arm is playing up. Hit the go button and it moves to over-injection but doesn't start first go, start it -immediately- after and it turns over.. all the relevant relays click when they are supposed to, batteries...
  9. R

    Wanted  Newer style EDIC motor round connector & pigtail

    I'm slowly converting from an H to a 3B in my HJ45. The donor 3B's EDIC has the newer round type connector on it and my wiring harness is the older square type. Anyone have a harness available that they can clip about 6 inches off of with the plug on it? Thanks.
  10. SuperDuperCruizer

    Single Connector EDIC Motor Interchangeability 2H & 3B; 24 & 12 volt

    Using a 24 volt 3B EDIC motor and a 12 volt 2H EDIC motor, I wanted to see if I could make a 12 volt 3B EDIC motor. Seemed physically the same with the exception of the arm orientation. So, I decided to perform a partial tear down to investigate. Here's what I've discovered so far:
  11. D

    Edic random cut out on 1984 bj60

    Hi I have a 1984 bj60 with 3B which I've turboed I'm lately experiencing two specific problem and don't know if they could be related Or just random failures. First is the cutting of the engine, about 4or 5 times, usually just off a start And going up hill. Cuts for only a half second and...
  12. B

    Edic dance

    I have a 1987 BJ75 with a 3B and Edic motor that is periodically cycling after start.The problems began with a voltage spike off a convertor that got water on it and somehow surged through the system and took out the Fuel Relay;or so I thought.The reason why I swapped it out was because it was...
  13. D

    Bj40 edic motor ground showing positive charge

    I have a 1980 bj40 and I'm having some electrical issues. I won't bore you with all the details but recently I've been having difficulty with it starting, like a dead battery. So trouble shooting I found out the body of my 40 is showing a positive charge, 12v but only with the ignition in the...
  14. D

    Wanted  BJ60 Fuel Control Relay

    Looking for a fuel control relay, part #28590-56090. Anyone out there have one? Thanks.
  15. J

    Bj73 wont start/crank

    Hey guys long time lurker, first time poster! Searched the forums but no avail, hoping this is in the right section! I recently installed a new alternator in my 3b Land Cruiser after it sat for a couple of months, jump started her and moved to the driveway, turned it off and thought to myself...
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