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Oct 31, 2012
British Columbia
So I’ve tried almost everything I’ve read on Mud. Still no luck. 84 3B 60 series. EDIC cycles every 10 seconds with accessories on (heater, lights, etc) doesn’t stall engine, just cuts fuel for a split second

Cleaned all grounds throughly
Replaced oil sender for gauge / Cleaned wire for oil pressure for edic
Tested batteries / alt for proper voltage output
Tried a different fuel control relay
Pulled apart EDIC motor and cleaned contacts
Ran jumper cable to firewall / block to see if it was a grounding issue. No difference.

According to my volt meter, my voltage drops from around 13.10V to 12.90V when the EDIC cycles at idle. It may be dropping more dramatically but my voltmeter only picks up .20 of a volt within that split second.

any ideas as to what else it may be? I’m stumped. And almost ready to delete the damn thing. I’m stripping a 3B next week and going to try the edic that’s in there to see if it makes a difference.

Any help would be highly appreciated!




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