Edic dance

Aug 21, 2006
North Okanagan,BC
I have a 1987 BJ75 with a 3B and Edic motor that is periodically cycling after start.The problems began with a voltage spike off a convertor that got water on it and somehow surged through the system and took out the Fuel Relay;or so I thought.The reason why I swapped it out was because it was surging or cycling on/off and would not shut the engine off.A visual inspection of the inside indicated nothing burnt or out of place.A new ground was added to my night switch which seem to solve the problem temporarily.The old relay worked for about three starts and then would not shut off.I swapped out the replacement and have experienced cycling twice.If I shut the truck off and restart it is fine.I have been told that these relays are extremely ground sensitive? The Pre heat timer seems to be working fine.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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