dual battery system

  1. car-car

    For Sale San Diego: 2000 Land Cruiser

    California only vehicle; no rust. 2nd owner; have owned for over 10 years. Decent condition, light off-road use (mostly fire trails and forest roads). Was setup and used for camping. National Luna dual battery system installed with Deep Sea fuse block, power run for 12V fridge (not...
  2. BLetty

    EcoFlow RIVER, RIVER Max, and RIVER Pro Power Stations Experience

    I recently purchased an EcoFlow RIVER Pro and couldn't really find much info on ih8mud - wanted to start a thread to collect everyone's data and experience with it. Review Videos (caution: some are sponsored or get commission, others are pre-production) EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station...
  3. B

    Dual battery setup - now amp and leds wont work unless engine running

    So I was having a draw and batteries were losing charge. I added the smart battery isolator, rewired the system as attached pic shows. Now, the amp, led lights won't work unless the engine is running. They don't work in the "on" or "accessory" position. I noticed the power from the starter...
  4. fzjmemphis

    80 Series Electrical Nightmare... Help!

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 96' LX450 with around 176k on it and a T-MAX dual battery system. It's just about as solid of a truck as you can find mechanically, but I've been experiencing some crazy electrical problems that seem to get worse as the weeks go on. I've done crazy amounts of...
  5. LC4LIFE

    Mil-Spec Battery Terminals - now available

    Now stocking Mil-Spec Battery Terminals. $14.99 shipped. There is no better way to connect to your batteries. Best choice for replacing OEM terminals or adding accessories. You can also use them for your second battery. - Military-Spec Battery Terminals
  6. LSDbrand

    Blue Sea ML-ACR 500 AMP Dual Battery with remote wiring and modification to isolate when car off

    Hello everyone. I relay on this website a lot so im want to give back a bit. To get started This is what I have and a Modification that i has made everything work way better. The modification is that when the car is OFF, the batteries are ALWAYS disconnected, so you always have one battery...
  7. Hugh Heifer

    IBS-DBS: Interesting malfunction and solution

    About four years ago I installed an IBS-DBS from Sierra Expeditions. (As some have pointed out this particular system is far more expensive than other systems out there but I pulled the trigger on it anyway. That is not what this thread is about.) I installed it in my UZJ-100 without issue. It...
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