1. Salue

    Double Cardan Driveshaft Length

    Hi All, My current option I'm looking at are either a Tatton DC shaft, Tom Woods or a Tacoma DC shaft. I'm leaning toward sourcing a used tacoma rear shaft and having it shortened if I can find a good used core and it's not too expensive. From my search, it sounds like 31 inches from end of...
  2. 93jspec

    Slee Double Cardon spicer front drive shaft..salvageable?

    This last weekend a few friends and I did a little drive up here in Alaska. We went a took what is called the "Bettels snow road" which is only available in the winter. During the summer the only way in is by boat and plane. Then we headed up north and camped just a few miles from Coldfoot...
  3. ewillis

    Water Pump Stud Double Nut Method...What Went Wrong?

    So...finishing up the water pump and have these studs to the clutch that came uninstalled. Common Toyota pump with the logo dremeled off and the Aisin sticker applied that's going around. results suggested double nutting the studs to get them on snug. I used the method, but the...
  4. Bardiya

    Double front shock setup

    Will update as I get more information.
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