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  1. Alexholl2015

    Maintenance: SPC Adjustable UCAs, Inner & Outer Tie Rods, both Axles, Front Sway Links and Diff Drop X-member

    Hi All, Putting in some good TLC on the 2007 LC w/ 3" OME lift. It's 256k miles strong and in great working condition. Purchased back in Feb 2020 and I'd feel better knowing I installed the following. Just lining up my notes for each. My question is, given install, would you do the same in...
  2. Honor

    Diff Drop Kit for OME Light/Stock Springs/Shocks?

    2.5 years ago I installed a OME stock/light suspension kit on the front and a medium kit on the rear. Thinking that the stock/light kit up front wasn't increasing the angle on the CV joints I omitted doing the diff drop as well. 5 months after my build I replaced both front CV axles. 23k miles...

    100 Diff Drop Kit

    After calling around to a few places to buy one of these for my own rig after the 3" lift, I got these responses: No longer available from us. We're sold out and we should have some in the next month or so... I asked; Can you call me when you get more in? No, just check back. Our supplier...
  4. crimsonaudio

    For Sale  100 Series diff drop kit

    I'm selling my new (never installed) Korfab chromoly diff drop kit as I've decided not to use it. Diff drop, spacers and hardware all included. Priced at $200 shipped, US only (was $250 new).
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