cv joints

  1. sunrk

    Finding correct length non-ABS CV's (aka 'birfs') for factory part-time 80

    I have HDK later-series (longer, with ABS ring) front CV joints (those things you guys call 'birfs') on my factory part-time 4wd 80. The original genuine ones (43405-60030) and the other p/n showing for my year of 80 (43405-60050) are both long out of production. Both Partsouq and Toyodiy quote...
  2. AllLC

    looking for Best cv joint source or upgrade options

    1999 land cruiser. 2.5" OME lift and slee diff drop. I beat on her quite a bit- i think she likes it :devil: Just spent a lot of time reading some great old write ups. Is there any new sources for well built, maybe even improved Cv joints? Experience appreciated over speculation;) Thanks in...
  3. RedJed78

    making sure the Birf CV joints is the correct ones..

    bought some Birf cv-joints and curious if they are the correct ones. i have a 1997 LC rigid front suspension or live axle ( not the car CV joint), from the factory non-locker... still non lockers. Heres numbers off the box...HDK "TO-030" or its "T0-O3O" pretty sure its the first one. Does this...
  4. 000000000048

    Odd clicking sound when turning wheel 85 Fj60

    weird noise coming from front end when I turn the wheel. Theres no shaking in steering wheel just the noise when I turn. Noise is like constant popping sound throw the whole turn. Might be a cv joint problem maybe not sure. Any help would be great thanks!
  5. B

    Effects of large tires on front end components in daily driving

    Hi everyone! It's been almost 1 year since I've been away, working a lot, but boy do I miss being back. I am getting ready now to get some larger timer on my LX470. I am aiming for 285/75R18. This way I get the 35 inch high tire, without the added weight of a wide 315. I do very mild off...
  6. SimplyTanner

    ADD vs Non-ADD, needle bearings needed?

    Is it possible to remove the oil seal on a Non-ADD Differential and bolt up an ADD axle tube? By removing the seal, the tube and ADD system gets oiled. The only difference I see is that with the ADD system you get needle bearings, and the Non-ADD diff only has the machined in "bushing" with oil...
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