1. sigorama

    For Sale Brand New FJ80 CSF 2709 Radiator

    I bought this radiator and it was for the wrong year. It will fit a 1990 to 1992 FJ80. $350 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. You can see my listing on Craigslist here: Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser Radiator - FJ80 - 90-92 KEYWORDS (Ignore): Radiator, black, metal, OEM, new, hoses, hose...
  2. mtntoys

    For Sale HZ/HD/FJ80 Copper/Brass CSF Radiator

    ****SOLD**** I have 2 CSF 2709 radiators for sale. One is new in box but the neck the cap goes onto is slightly pushed down into the top tank. The other one was in my cruiser for 10k miles. I swapped it for a high performance radiator to handle my turbo setup. It works fine. These will fit...
  3. php74

    Trade Fj62 radiator swap? csf 2709 for a 2708

    Bought a brand new radiator a year ago knowing my was slowly going bad. Opened it up today and its the wrong one. Even though mine is an 89, the 2709 doesn't fit, I need the 2708 (website is wrong). Anyone happen to need a 2709 and have a 2708? Or just for sale i guess. Brand new perfect. Thx!
  4. Gabriel 71

    Riddle me this forum peeps

    How does one know if ye has a genuine Toyota radiator or aftermarket.For reference it's a 97 80 but the radiator is not a plastic tank that's in it it is a copper and brass unit.Are their some numbers I should be looking for our stampings that are special I should be looking for on said unit. I...
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