cruiser lean

  1. Swampfox58

    55 Kind of Night

    Daughter took this on the ride home from church.
  2. Randy88FJ62

    Severe Cruiser Lean 4" to Driver's Side

    I recently changed up the leaf packs front and rear. The cruiser is still leaning to the driver's side both front and rear. No rust, no obvious frame damage or tweaking. Where to start to determine lean? I always thought normal cruiser lean was to passenger side?
  3. HemiAlex

    Ready to lift my truck: How do I avoid the lean?

    A local guy donated a CS005RA from his truck. Low mileage take off that was on the truck when he bought it. Had 2x CS005RA in the rear and added a RB to even it out side to side. I see that OME suggests "North American models do not lean so the same spring should be used on both driver and...
  4. tampacruiser95

    Cruiser lean with new stock height springs and shocks

    I searched the forums and didn't see anyone with this issue on an 80 series. The shocks (Bilstein) and springs (OME) are brand new, but I never noticed any lean with OEM shocks/springs. Any ideas what the issue could be or how I could correct it?
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