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  1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Lexus LX450 Driver Side Corner Light - Los Angeles Area

    For 1996-1997 LX450. Immaculate condition, complete with surround gasket. This is a factory Toyota Lamp from a well cared for car. $60 + shipping.
  2. Kernalife

    Wanted  100 Series Driver Headlight and Driver Corner Light

    All, So just picked up a project car and the guy hit a deer so in order for me to pass inspection I need the above. I will pay for shipping no problem, please let me know what you have. The headlight glass isn't broken, just the black housing. Anyone know a better way to just replace the...
  3. Kernalife

    Wanted  100 Series Metal Front bumper, Metal Rear Bumper, Driver Corner Light

    Hello all, I am located near Washington D.C and am looking for everything above. I am not looking for OEM bumpers, more like ARB or just to see what you have. Shipping is okay for me! Thanks in advanced! Nik
  4. djzimms

    For Sale  Original Corner Lights Off 1997 LX450

    Left: $75 Shipped (U.S.) OBO - Excellent Condition Right: $60 Shipped (U.S.) OBO - Small cracks, still waterproof, hardly noticeable. Includes bulb and wiring. Both: $125 Shipped OBO Images:
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