car cover

  1. Fuentesfranko

    Mysterious Cover

    When I purchased my 1973 FJ40 in Vancouver, Canada. The seller included this cover. I've never unrolled it, but the seller said it's shaped specifically for the FJ40. It's super heavy duty and super HEAVY. Looks like military grade. Previous owner said to keep it because it's very valuable. I...
  2. LandCruiserPhil

    Tyvek Land Cruiser car cover - GOT?

    Looking to purchase a Tyvek car cover for an 80 series anyone have any experience. The Tyvek is said to be the best when it comes to reflecting heat but is recommended to be removed when it rain. What do you got?
  3. krudo

    FJ40 theft

    Hey guys, going to be picking up my new old FJ40 next week and wondering about security. I've seen some posts about people having their cars stolen. How frequent / much of a concern is this? I live in Long Beach and recently had my car's side view mirror kicked in for no apparent reason...
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