1. L

    Best Grille/Brush Guard for LC200

    I recently purchased a 2013 LC200 and want to put a grille/brush guard on it. I live in Texas and deer are like rodents - all over the place. I came from a truck with a Ranch Hand style cattle guard and want something similar. I can only find grille guard/bumper replacements (ARB style), but I’m...
  2. Assassin

    OEM Brushguard question???

    anyone know of a source for the Brackets to hold OEM brushguard to the bumper..the ones that go behind the grill//// I called toyota and parts for this OEM item is discontinued. THANKS for any leads or suggestions!!! or
  3. tglaser

    Wanted Aussie Style FJ40 Brushguard

    Spoke to Man a Fre today - they discontinued these bumpers a couple of months ago. Does anyone have one or something similar they'd like to sell? Interested in fabricating one? I'm located in Austin, TX.
  4. travcaldwell

    Advice on Brush Guard for 80 Series

    Looking for input on brush guards. I really like the HeftyFabWorks guards but they don't make one for 80 series. Any recommendations for something similar? Also considering whether a winch is something I should get for the brush guard or not. Right now my 80 series just has factory bumper and...
  5. travcaldwell

    Brush Guards for 80 Series?

    I just bought my first 80series. It is in great shape and has all factory parts on it. I'm working on building it up for general offroad use for hunting, fishing, and camping. I'd love input on brush guards. I really like what heftyfabworks makes but, they don't make a model for 80 series. I...
  6. G

    Wanted 100 Series Parts: Roof rack, Headlight, etc.

    Budget build, so I figured I'd start here... Looking for: Aftermarket roof rack Aftermarket front and rear bumpers OEM Passenger Head light Brush guard Used Lift Kit Located in Cleveland OH, but will pay for shipping. Let me know if you can help :P Thanks! LLAP
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