brake issues

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    1979 FJ40: Won't move in neutral without parking brake on

    So, one of my distant relatives passed away a few months ago and I have been cleaning out his house getting it ready to be sold. One of the first things I can across was a 1979 FJ40LV-KCJA. It has a good amount of problems with it and I'm new to cars. I bought a repair manual and have been...
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    RTH: Terrible brake noises when driving [SOLVED]

    Hello! First time posting here, hoping I can get some help. My front right brake has been making some awful noises while driving, and breaking for that matter, after a fellow landcruiser-enthusiast friend and I replaced both front rotors, brakes, and wheel bearings. He’s replaced his 80s front...
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    Brakes engage while trying to accelerate

    I have a 97 80 series cruiser and have found when I’m on the highway it seems that my brakes engage. I have changed out the front brake calipers and have had the power booster changed but still having the problem. Has anyone else had this issue?
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