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  1. Newps

    Tappered Body Lift - (1"/1.5") front to 0" in back....

    I was stumbling around on IG and came across a post about the 3rd Gen 4Runner guys using them to fix the body rake and give them a little fender clearance for larger tires. Two things the 100 series is plagued with too. A pretty cleaver idea IMOP. Curious if anyone has looked into it or done...
  2. Empty room

    Help me find this custom front spoiler/bumper/kit LX470

    I’ve seen this front spoiler/bumper and would like it ASAP if anyone knows how to source it. It’s not expensive at all about $200 or so and the subtle look is exactly what I want. With all y’all connections and broad membership I’m sure someone here can translate and make this happen for...
  3. B

    Wanted Body Kit

    Looking for Info on this kit. Anyone have a Name or where to buy? Its a kit from Japan and pretty sure not made anymore. Any links for one for sale would be awesome. Thanks
  4. Deo Singh

    For Sale Body Kit for FZJ80/80-series Landcruiser (Valencia, CA)

    Japanese Body Kit for FZJ80 80-Series Landcruiser. Includes front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts. Made of fiberglass. Hardware and brackets included. Great fit. Reason for Sale: Transformed my 1993 Landcruiser from street to off-road vehicle Condition: Fair-Good. Painted to match OEM...
  5. Let the repairs begin...

    Let the repairs begin...

  6. Getting towed in from storage

    Getting towed in from storage

  7. Getting towed to house from storage

    Getting towed to house from storage

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