1. bpm

    Oil pickup o-ring? Need help with a pet #

    Hello mudders. A buddy and I are working on the rear arch seal (among many other things) on an 97 Land Cruiser I bought recently. I’m having a hard time identifying the proper name (and how to search for) this o-ring located in the block facing the upper oil pan directly behind the oil pump. I’m...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 3FE (1992 FJ80) rebuildable block without head $165 + Engine Parts $$

    SoCal From a running car. There was a lower end slight knock from a wrist pin or connecting rod possibly. We needed the head so it is off. I have an engine hoist here to load it. Engine Block is $165 I ALSO HAVE FOR SALE ALL THE STUFF THAT GOES WITH THE 3FE ENGINE - , alternator...
  3. SgtChase

    I need a 2f block asap

    I know this isn't classifieds but im in a real pickle, my fj60 is my only transport and the block is bad, read all about it here Fj60 FlyWheel grinding on the block If anyone has a good 2f block laying around im buying and need it asap, thanks
  4. SgtChase

    Wanted 2f Block

    all i need is a 2f block from an fj60 that was known to be running with minimal miles, preferably a seller in north texas or a few hours from it. if anyone can help me out with leads that'd be great, my fj60 is my daily and only transportation so i need it asap
  5. J

    Hose Junction

    The following heater hose junction coming off the fitting located in head of my 1977 FJ40 seems to be unavailable from Toyota. Has anyone found a substitute or workaround for the hose junction? Thanks! Jeff
  6. BakerFJ

    1FZFE Oil Level Sensor Block Off

    I've been toying with this idea in my head for a while now, I know that there are businesses that produce oil level sensor block off plates for the USDM 3SGTE (for those who don't know, it's the engine from the MR2, JDM doesn't have an oil level sensor). I've seen this block-off plate from...
  7. natas801

    Parting Out 2.4 diesel block and head

    like the title says i have a good block and head from an 84 2.4 diesel located in Reno NV text is best 801-564-9029 Ryan $100 each
  8. Vae Victus

    Engine Block Water Jacket Brass Fitting - Size and Use?

    Someone please remind me - is this the heater water return? Right next to the temperature module. Trying to get a plug for this so I can flush my water jacket. What's this fitting called and any clue the size of the exposed female fitting pictured? 16mm is close to the ID. Where is this...
  9. mattcheston

    Sourcing carb intermediate block

    Does anyone know where I can source a new carb intermediate block/insulator? The plastic piece that goes in between the upper fuel bowl and lower throttle plate assemblies. I've mangled mine and ruined the factory permanent gaskets because I'm not so bright.
  10. waexplorer

    2F block ID Early or Late

    I got this engine with my 83 FJ60. The #6 rod spun the bearing and damaged the crank journal. I was thinking of a rebuild for a 2FE project but don't know if this is early pre 85 block or 85 up block?
  11. selfbows

    New 1FZ-FE Short Block alignment pins

    Doing a new short block and cylinder head overhaul on my 96 LC, think I have all the gaskets, then realized there are a lot of alignment pins, I noticed the head and "1 oil pan, tranny and rear crank oil seal retainer and timing chain cover pins. Are there others I missed and any other little...

    409 chevy big block

    Any one have one in a 60-62? If so post some photos and a few words on the fun it was to do.
  13. Gobo Fongo

    BJ-42 Help Needed! - Freeze Plug / Block Heater Woes

    I'm really stuck right now: I bought the 35mm block heater, and I went for a (kinda-sorta) accessible freeze plug just aft of the injection pump on the driver's side. I tapped on the freeze plug, but it went into the block, and while I can wiggle it around with my finger, I can't get it out...
  14. SgtChase

    Fj62 1988 3FE engine block rebuild

    I recently (a year ago) acquired a complete 3fe engine. I used it for parts to do a 2FE conversion on my 1984 fj60. since I didn't need the block i was going to sell it used, i had no room in my garadge for it so i left it outside on an engine stand and threw a tarp over it. one rainy day the...
  15. hj 60

    Hj61 engine damage: conrod trough block

    EDIT 20-03-2017 - 20:55 PM me if you want the sellers telephone and mail, must go to 3000 euro... : not my add, never seen this damage, I think if you want info mail to or call. I have asked seller for email address and sending options. Seems to be located in the Netherlands, Brunssum: Google...
  16. F

    For Sale Tampa FL 1fz block assembly

    Came out of my 1996 150k. Had a slight knock. Rotates by hand fine. Never been rebuilt. It's the bottom end only. No oil pans. Crane and pistons are still in it. Price free is someone will use it, it's just sitting here.
  17. Rock40

    Wanted F135 Shortblock or Bare Block for Rebuild

    I'm currently in the middle of this build on a 66' FJ40: 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) It's been decided/determined that the original block is too badly corroded to have it machined and rebuilt. I have the crankshaft, connecting rods, camshaft, lifters, etc that I expect to...
  18. DakotaKid

    FREE 2f bare block

    Anyone want a 2f bare block? You pay shipping. I'm in Sioux Falls 57105. Going to scrap if nobody wants it.
  19. fcgadget

    For Sale 1F engine block

    free bought it in 'working order when pulled'. Could not get it going. Gave up and got a 2F, put the exterior stuff from the 1F on the 2F. My stupidity, was probably only a coil issue. Pan may leak... GONE
  20. T

    FREE Portland or Free 1F 64' motor w/crack in block

    Free 1F motor out of a 64' Fj40. Come take it before it goes to scrap. Take the bell housing too. Also have other Fj40 stuff taking up space. Converting to sbc.
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