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  1. prosport

    SOLD  16” split rim set of 5 OEM rims with tires

    Selling a set of 5 16" OEM Toyota split rims. Taken out of a European 1979 BJ43. I had a front disk conversion and these worked great. They are in a good Original unrestored shape and show their age but no major rust and should clean up very well. I’m selling with a retreaded warden2 235/85 R16...
  2. prosport

    Wanted  FJ43 BJ43 Roll bar

    Hello, I'm looking for a roll bar and the mounting hardware/pads that would fit my longer base 1973 European BJ43 (mine came deleted from the factory and the PO converted it to a hard top with an aftermarket top). Please let me me know if you have any for sale. Thanks
  3. prosport

    Wanted  Roll Bar for 1979 BJ43

    Hello, I'm looking for an OEM Roll bar for my 1979 European (French)BJ43 that came with a Deleted Roll bar and a soft top from factory but was converted to a hard tip by the PO. Thanks.
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