1. O

    Wanted  WANTED - BJ-42 (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, I dont mind doing work on it. Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but...
  2. O

    Imported BJ-42, Worth the price tag????

    Good morning everyone, I wasn’t sure which section to post this in so I went for the one that gave me the warmest feeling, the Diesel section. 🤤 So basically i’m writing this post because I just recently met an individual who’s selling two (2) 1981 & 1982 BJ-42’s imported from Canada back in...
  3. D

    Wanted  windshield frame for 1983 Bj42

    Any help would be appreciated
  4. Max Wilder

    BJ-42 Help Needed! - Freeze Plug / Block Heater Woes

    I'm really stuck right now: I bought the 35mm block heater, and I went for a (kinda-sorta) accessible freeze plug just aft of the injection pump on the driver's side. I tapped on the freeze plug, but it went into the block, and while I can wiggle it around with my finger, I can't get it out...
  5. seventysixers

    For Sale  BJ-42 dash cluster

    I have a 24 volt dash cluster from a bj42. It is missing the speedometer needle otherwise it is in ok shape. $75 o.b.o. Plus shipping Text to 801-209-7396 if interested thanks.
  6. C

    For Sale  1984 BJ43 Very nice Condition RARE

    Good Afternoon I have decided to sell my 1984 Toyota BJ42 Landcruiser. Its one of only 132 ever imported to North American and I believe the last year Its a Diesel with 5 speed transmission. Runs and drives perfect only 74kms. Its beige and all glass is good. Underside is very clean Frame seems...
  7. T

    BJ-42 Brake Work, New Booster and repairing master

    Hi, It has been a while since I have posted anything but I thought I should start again with the current repairs. The cruiser has been parked since last summer due to a lack of time/funds. But it is now time to get it back on the road. It has a few issues to be dealt with but the most important...
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