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    Wanted  BJ42 Zebra style front facing rear seats

    I have a BJ42 LX from 1984 - bought from new by my father. The car is in original condition but without the rear seats. The rear seats were not included (probably for tax reasons) when my father bought the car. The front seats are with the cool zebra stripes. So, I would like to find the same...
  2. M

    Brake pedal half soft then solid

    Hi all I have a question about brakes. My 74 Land Cruiser has a funny feeling pedal it goes in really easily for half the travel and then is basically Rock Solid. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of. I just put a new master cylinder in from an 80 series replacing the old one but no...
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    For Sale  Nova Scotia/1984 BJ42 Land Cruiser/Mint condition/Diesel/For Sale

    Hello, I am selling my friend's truck he is sick and needs the money for medical expenses. We have gotten an appraisal from an insurance company from 35-50k because of the rarity. I am trying to figure out at what pricing I should sell it at and I would like some honest opinions from people...
  4. FJ40GURU


    Another beautiful rear bench zebra seat. $1500.
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    Hi Everyone, New to this forum so this question may have been answered already. I have a 1982 BJ42 with a 5speed 3B. The engine is badly dusted, I am able to get a decent 2H engine for the right price. Has anyone done this conversion? The same guy with the 2H engine has an old rusty 60 series...
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