bfg at ko2

  1. T

    For Sale 2006 100 Series - 192k miles - 17k - Oregon

    A friend of mine is selling his very well cared for hundo. Located in Eugene, OR: 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser
  2. zgarre

    For Sale FJ40/45/55/60/62 OEM Steel Wheels + BFG 31x10.5x15 KO's

    (5) new OEM 15x5.5 steelies that had the clips removed and were powder coated the correct gray less than 1,000 miles ago. Always garaged. Tires are 31x10.5r15 BFG KO's, less than 3,000 miles on them (I can find the receipt somewhere, if needed). From the previous owner in Southern California...

    Wanted WTB: BFG All Terrains KO2, 285/70/17 (San Diego, CA)

    I'm looking to buy a used BFG All-Terrain (KO2) 285/70/17 to use for my spare. Any of you guys have one that you don't need anymore?
  4. Vlad

    For Sale 34x10.50R17 BFG AT KO2 (5 for sale)

    5 BFG AT KO2s. Less than 5000 miles on 4 with some trail use (scuffs, minor tread cuts). 1 brand new spare. $1500 new. $900. Local pickup preferred. Shipping PM me for price (30188 zip).
  5. 85x

    BFG KO2 Cracking at 10k

    Had my Ko2's about a year (roughly 10k) with moderate off-road use. Not really rock crawling, but dirt and gravel roads. After my most recent trip I noticed some cracks developing on all four corners running right down the center of the tread. Haven't seen too many people post about this...
  6. OptimusPrime

    Running BFG KO2s - Would Used KO Spare Pose an Issue?

    I have four new 285/75r16 BFG A/T KO2s on my 100 right now but didn't want to shell out an additional $210 to replace the spare, so right now I'm carrying around a now-unusable little Yokohama spare that was there when I bought the truck. I found a dirt cheap used 285/75r16 KO (so *not* KO2)...
  7. aphil

    LTX m/s or BFG AT KO2 for drivability and mpg?

    So, I just ordered what I thought were Michelin LTX m/s2 tires from Discount tire in the stock size - 275/70R16. Turns out, they actually ordered the original LTX M/S tire and have told me that the M/S2 is not available in stock size. Bummer. I had thoroughly reviewed the M/S2 and wanted that...
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