back seat

  1. Gnarwgn

    Bulletproofing the backseat (for kids)

    Quick q for those hauling kids - Anybody find a great seat cover/solution that they would recommend? I have carseat/booster seats leaving tattoos on my backseat, and I need a better solution. I'm considering buying a dog cover and cutting holes for corresponding seat belts, but wondering if...
  2. blbuck12

    Wanted  FJ60 Gray Back Seat Door Cards

    Looking for a set of gray backs seat door cards. PO cut holes for speakers in mine :frown: and looking for clean pair. Happy to trade, swap with mine or pay. Located in Seattle Buck
  3. Woody Craig

    2013 LC200 - Rattle in front passenger seat and back seat

    I've owned the LC200 for about 7 months. Ever since I've had it, I've alway noticed when riding over bumps, the interior isn't as quiet/solid as my wife's LC200. I finally took it in to Toyota and they said the bracket on the back seat has "worn out" and I'd need to replace it, to the tune of...
  4. cruiserhead72

    Great Back Seat!!!

    So today I went to the Pull-A-Part in Baton Rouge to check out a Suzuki Sidekick for a back seat since I've read that they fit the 40, but the seat was missing... Since I was on a mission to get a seat I scoured the lot for a potential and then I came across a 1993 Toyota Previa van. The middle...
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