air injection

  1. DeeRex

    GX470 Air Injection failure

    My wife started her GX470 yesterday morning and got this big whirring sound. Didn’t do it again until she left the office f R lunch. Was unable to repeat until this morning. I recorded it but was able to find an identical issue: Secondary Air Injection Pump Failure on V8's! Important! - Toyota...
  2. OregonFJ60

    Wanted 1987 2F air manifold and injection nozzle

    My trusty mechanic couldn't quite get it loose without busting it . Need replacements ASAP!
  3. OregonFJ60

    Wanted 1987 FJ60 2f head and "air injection tube assembly"

    Currently struggling to find anything available via the good ol internet or word of mouth. Help me get this thing back on the road!!
  4. Nado FJ

    Wanted Air Injection Manifold

    Mine busted when taking off the head. Looking for one that will work on 10/76 build FJ40. See pics of the one that broke. Thanks! Paul
  5. Nado FJ

    Rough month for Speedy

    Last month was a rough month for Speedy (the kids' name for the FJ--I guess her exhaust sounds fast :)) Figured out she has multiple cracks in the exhaust manifold and finally tracked down problems with the rear heater and radiator/thermostat hoses leaking and overheating to the head. Finally...
  6. sue

    What is Air Injection state at idle

    Does anyone here know what the state of the air injection system should be at idle? Should VSV(1) and VSV(2) both be open at idle? I have the 2F emissions manual but it doesn't seem super clear to me. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. BFletch

    SOLD 2F Air Injection Rail

    Clean air rail off 03/76 2F. In very good condition and just removed with ease. $80 plus shipping - Sold Located at 57703 Thanks
  8. muelbeedle

    Emissions Trouble at Idle. Air Injection? Smog pump?

    My '86 FJ60 has been failing California smog with HC and CO at idle over 3X the limit (CO2 11.3%, O2 0.4%, HC 493ppm and CO 5.39%). I figure it's an air injection system problem. Working through the emissions service manual, it's the "Check VTV and ASV" test on page 3-21 that gets me. I don't...
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