1. PJ40

    Vacuum advance question

    So I recently lost the timing on my 40, but realigned it, BB lined up and she actually starts stronger than before. Problem I'm having now is when I attach the vaccum advance and hit the throttle she stumbles like a drunk bridesmaid with one heel on. Any advice?
  2. fj40taz

    For Sale Advance adapters shifter knobs

    Brand new for twin stick setup. Right from advance adapters. $40 shipped to your door. US only.
  3. D

    For Sale SOLD! Advance adapter outside frame rail headers. $150 O.B.O. Located in Poquoson, VA

    Advance adapter outside frame rail headers P/N 717006-HDR, never installed, slight surface rust, no dents. $150 O.B.O. plus shipping. Located in Poquoson, VA 23662. PaulC
  4. P

    On a road trip and disabled, need some vacuum advance help!

    So I just had my '87 FJ60 carb rebuilt and all vac lines and some pressurized lines replaced by Dependable Carburetor. Was running better than ever, could actually cruise at 75+. Accidentally shut the car off on the freeway going to LA, and now there is a huge bucking hesitation at around 2000...
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