a440f transmission

  1. M

    For Sale  A440F tranny with transfer case, 26505 Morg. WV

    Years ago when I sold my FJ62, I gave this transmission with it. Six years later the guy says he's never going to do anything with it....asks me if I want it back. Anyhow, its in the back of my truck, I'd like to take it to a loading dock and ship it to one of you fine Toyota people. What I...
  2. Expedition4x

    91 FJ80 3FE A440F gearbox slips when shifting 2nd to 3rd

    Hey guys, my father has a 91 FJ80 US spec 80 series. I has the 3FE and A440F gearbox. When driving, the vehicle will revv up when shifting from. 2nd to 3rd. It seems like it “slips” for a second, and the revs come up, and then it “catches” 3rd gear and holds. Haven’t experienced any slipping any...
  3. Rollinns

    A440F Special Service Tool - Make your Own

    If anyone needs to rebuild their A440F transmission and doesn't want to spend the money for the Special Service Tool kit/set, over in the 80 series forum I posted the DXF files you can take to a local metal shop and have them cut to have your own special tools for much cheaper. I do not know...
  4. Rollinns

    A440F Special Service Tool - Make your Own

    I rebuilt my 1992 A440F transmission, with parts I designed and had laser cut for me, the files to make those parts are attached. There are a few different Special Service Tool (SST) kits recommended for rebuilding these. One appears to be discontinued, the other might still be available but...
  5. N


    Hi guys, First time posting but I’ve got a few questions about the hzj73. I’m looking at a 1991 model with the a440f tranny in it, only done 200xxx. firstly, does the 1hz perform better in the lighter 73, in comparison to an 80 or 105? Also, how does the a440f perform in such configuration...
  6. 80JDM

    A440F Rebuild - It works!!!! Comment away

    I started it on the weekend and can share pics and info if there is enough interest... Let me know
  7. Spencer Lerman

    For Sale  Landcruiser FJ62 & FJ80 Engine and Transmission. 3FE and A440F Laughlin Nevada

    Toyota Landcruiser 3FE engine block and A440F transmission pulled from a 1991 FJ80. The head gasket failed at 220k. I was told the transmission had no issues and it appears good but is untested. Located in Laughlin Nevada. $300 each or $500 for both. Open to offers and Trades Text preferred...
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