1. emaxabundance

    82 fj60 needing to mount rear sway bar

    Hey guys, got a hold of a rear sway bar and am wanting to mount it to my 82 fj60. My year did not come with a sway bar or the mounts on the axle. I have seen several ubolt applications for this type of situation and am having trouble locating ones for my ride. Any ideas or help would be greatly...
  2. B

    82 HJ60 used to start first time every time, now starts second time every time, any idea's?

    Was going to post up a video but no dice, non compatible.. simply i reckon the EDIC arm is playing up. Hit the go button and it moves to over-injection but doesn't start first go, start it -immediately- after and it turns over.. all the relevant relays click when they are supposed to, batteries...
  3. D

    Tire kicking is it worth it thread pics. 82 FJ45

    Howdy folks, I have been eyeing an old 45 behind my apartment building for some time now. vehicle is on a used car lot, so it would have to pass gov inspection to be road worthy if sold. I would be purchasing to send back to US and store until my son is old enough to restore with me. (He...
  4. V

    82 SR5 steering box

    I done posted this in the wrong place, was directed to here. I'm new on here, sorry for all the mistakes. I bought a steering box for a 40 chev gasser project I'm doing, it's off of a 82 toyota pick up, 2WD, SR5. It's a manual box and I was needing some parts and not having much luck. It mounts...
  5. V

    82 toyota PU, manual box

    New here and need some help. I have a 82 toyota pick up, SR5 I was told, manual steering gear box that I need parts for. I could use a pitman arm, the box is a 2wd but a dropped one would be better. Also I could use a lower seal, they tore it up removing the pitman arm, and a steering joint to...
  6. Hilndr1701

    32/10.5r15 on Stock 82 Truck?

    Hey all, I have been looking all over for any information on installing 32/10.5 r15 on my stock 82 pick-up. Will they fit without rubbing? I just bought the truck about a month ago and I'm currently running 31/10.5 r15s. I figure the same width would work but I'm not sure about the extra inch in...
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