1. S

    New tire time/59# LT33 too heavy for Colorado?

    It's new tire time and I don't know if another 33" LT tire is a good idea. Hankook Dynapro ATM LT285/75/16 E is available for $718 installed but they weigh 59 pounds each! To compare, a stock p275/70/16 Michelin M/S weighs 39pounds. The discount tire guy said the oil companies put the dynapro...
  2. MPreston87

    ISO FZJ80 front clip

    Hey Guys, I recently purchased, aaaaand got into a fight with a wall with my ‘93 FZJ80. The wall won. I am looking for a “localish” full front clip (minus front bumper). Also in need of a core support. Any leads would be appreciated. Willing to drive and trailer home if within reasonable...
  3. M

    Locked ‘93 or stock 40th?

    G’day all, I’ve got the opportunity to buy one of the three FZJ80 options below. 140000km ‘93 manual / ARB locked OR 160000km ‘98 auto 40th anniversary in stock form OR 200000km ‘93 auto Sahara with LPG All reporting one owner, all very tidy. I’m just getting into off-roading and want...
  4. SoCal FZJ80

    80 Series Custom Stainless Brake Lines

    When upgrading your FJ80, FZJ80, HDJ81 or Lexus LX450 with a suspension kit it is essential for safety that you increase the length of your stock brake lines with longer brake lines. These Custom Extended Brake lines come in 10 color options and in varying lengths from 0"-2", 3", 4", and 6" Over...
  5. Jonbdawg

    Wanted  OME 850j

    Looking for Ome 850j springs for an 80. New or used if in good shape. Thanks Jon
  6. nisala4423

    Help with 1st gear :)

    Hello guys how are you i have a 1hz engine with my 80 :) i have been noticing my engine with 1st gear when i rev up something strange vibration coming from 1st gear :( something of a wired feeling in steering wheels and its like under compressor but running fine. also this is a anther problem...
  7. M

    Wanted  Need model 80 95-97 Fender Flares

    Need flares, pair - drivers side (F&R) only. Flares need to be undamaged and un-repaired.
  8. popstar

    How many people have you ever fit in an 80?

    I think this qualifies as a "technical" question. How many people have you ever fit and transported in an 80, with or without the middle and 3rd row seats? Transported can mean anything even down the block, to the trailhead, bar, tailgate, whatever... as long as the truck moved under its own...
  9. CarlSeattle

    Roof Rack Options

    Hello! If you’re reading this, you care about the right roof rack for your Toyota Land Cruiser. This thread will focus on the 1991-95 FJ/Z80 but I think will be useful for owners of other rigs too. I’ve been researching the many options, and will lay them out here for comments before pulling...
  10. Green80Series

    My 80 Series Rock Slider Install

    My friend and I put together this video of us installing some White Knuckle Offroad rock sliders. Feedback is appreciated!
  11. nisala4423

    80 series exhaust

    Hey guys.. i own a 1994 80 series land cruiser.. i have a 1hz non turbo engine.. so yesterday i removed my muffler and installed a new muffler.. the sound is really riced i dont like it.. so a friend of mine suggest me to remove the muffler and keep it straight without the muffler.. is it a good...
  12. V

    HELP! MIL (AKA Check Engine Light) never comes on

    Hi all, I want to run codes to see what is going on with my 1994 80 series, but the light never comes on; not when on 'acc', 'on', or run; not when E1 and TE1 are connected, not when W is grounded. the TSM is kind of weak in troubleshooting this. Is there a common pitfall for the MIL? Thank you...
  13. grain2glass

    For Sale  1994 FZJ80 Land Cruiser in Colorado Triple Locked - Under Contract

    Here is my craigslist post, but I wanted to toss it up here as well for the ih8mud community. 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 191,XXX Miles $9500 Factory Lockers ("Magic dial") Blue Slate Metallic AWD Will not part out Cash Only - Title in Hand If ad is up, it is still for sale Third owner of a well...
  14. S

    For Sale  80 series hitch receiver $60

    Used 80 series bolt on hitch receiver, works great. From the bay area so local pick-ups would be easier
  15. Dim130

    For Sale  Full rear interior (incl seats) for 80-series - grey - great condition - 650USD

    For sale: rear and 3rd row of seats + seat belts + fixing gear + carpets for a grey Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. Overview: - rear row (2 parts): 250 USD - 3rd row (2 parts, fold on the side): 250 USD - seat belt rear row: 100 USD - seat belt 3rd row: 100 USD - entire rear floor carpet + foot...
  16. M

    For Sale  1990 Toyota Landcruiser HDJ81, LOW MILES, Triple Locked

    For sale is a 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser HJD81V. 4.2 1HD-T, AT, factory front and rear locking differentials. This truck is completely stock with no aftermarket modifications. I bought this car from Japan and imported it to the United States. No rust. Some minor blemishes on the bumper and front...
  17. BushChook

    Is my Cylinder Head still stuffed?

    Hi guys, i am new here but i was told you are good for technical information. I have just performed my first ever cylinder head swap, and i followed all the instructions and i think i either messed up or i got a crap head. The head is a "new" one from the wreckers, it was straight to my...
  18. I

    For Sale  FZJ80 Alternator upgrade parts

    Reference:Upgrading stock alternator to 130/150 amp I sold my 94 FZJ80. The new buyer wanted it Stock so I ended up with any mods I had done including the alternator upgrade I had done. Asking $150 + shipping. You get the Photoman bracket, Sequoia Alternator, 175 Amp fuse, connector plug. I ran...
  19. Grafton Pannell

    Brake Light Quirk

    I've got a 94 80 with 320k on the clock. That said, the only problems I've been running into so far are electrical quirks like this one. Right now all my tail-lights work as they should, but when I put on the brakes, my passenger side brake light won't illuminate. I tried replacing the light...
  20. INNOV8S

    For Sale  FJ80 parts

    L and R seats. L and R front marker lights. Wiper linkage, and wiper arms. Interior plastic trim: center console, door covers, rear storage cover and door. Wheel flair. Rear bumper cap, pass. side. and front bumper cap, missing boss inserts for mounting, chrome bent. $150 takes all...
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