1. S

    For Sale  Tundra 18" X 8" wheels like new

    I purchased these recently thinking I would use them. However, I am staying with what came on my cruiser. Theses 4 wheels were taken off of a new Tundra before it was sold. Therefore, they are literally like new. No blemishes, scratches, or defects. They are well packed and ready to ship...
  2. mr jits

    For Sale  Bilstein 5125's 8" Travel (OR)

    One pair. New, never used. Bought the wrong length, so save some $$ and buy these. $120 shipped.
  3. GW Nugget

    9" vs. 8" wide wheels with 12.5" tires question.

    Hey all, my direct question is for those who have gone from 8" wide wheels to 9" wheels & 12.5 wide tires.... have you noticed any drastic characteristics between the two? Meaning a difference between what air preasure you now run & did you have more problems with loosing beads etc. I've been...
  4. 4xsteve

    Setting up your own gears on an 8" diff

    I've been setting up my own gears for a long time now (infrequently) and just ran into a few industry changes that caught me off guard (specifically Yukon Gear, but others are likely the same). Hopefully I can save "the next guy" some trouble by putting this out for anyone that doesn't already...
  5. 4xsteve

    For Sale  OEM 4.10 gears

    I have a few used 4.10 ring and pinion sets I no longer need. I have at least two front sets from the 80 high-pinions, and I think two sets of rear Toyota V6 8", possibly three. $100 per set including shipping in the lower 48 from the Seattle, WA area.
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