4 speed transmission

  1. SC Forester

    FJ40 3 Speed to 4 Speed Conversion with SBC

    I haven’t seen this anywhere so I thought I’d start a new thread. I have a 1973 FJ40 that had a Chevy 350 mounted to a Toyota 3 speed via a plate adapter. The transmission and transfer case were dumping out fluid so I removed them with the intentions of replacing with a GM SM465. I couldn’t ever...
  2. Hojack

    For Sale  85 2F running motor and 4 speed transmission

    85 FJ60 2F running motor and 4 speed transmission. The engine and tranny are still in my Landcruiser and drivable. Would like to sell together or spectate. $1000 for the motor and $500 for the transmission. The odometer has 243K miles. I frequently go skiing at Timberline on Mt. Hood and it's...
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