1. S

    SOLD Utah: 6x 37x12.50R17 Like New

    Selling my Toyo MT 37x12.50R17s. 4x of them have under 300 miles, all trail (mostly sand/dirt) use so the edges are a little rounded but have full tread depth, no chunking, no lugs missing, no punctures. The other 2x are brand new and still have the rubber hairs on them. Date codes are all from...
  2. OffRoadScott

    Looking for someone

    That has a driveline setup similar to what I want to do. I am thinking of going with either 4.88 with 35s' or 5.29 with 37s'. If you do not mind meeting with me so I can drive/ride with you to see how it runs and reacts to the 4.88 or 5.29. Thanks for your time.
  3. rebelnoclu

    SOLD 4 BFG Mud Terrain KM2 38x14.50/R17 Tires $700

    ***PRICE DROP*** 4 BFG Mud Terrain KM2 38x14.50/R17 Tires $600! I have 2 sets of 4 (8 tires total) used BF Goodrich KM2 38x14.50/R17 off road tires for sale. Mfg date codes are 2010 and 2011. New tread depth was 21/32". These tires have at least 15/32" tread left (one is brand new, never used)...
  4. S

    For Sale SO CAL Locked and Built LX450 Lowered Price!

    New price $13,000 OBO Vehicle with Extra Parts, Tranny, Power Steering box (perfect for your hydro assist project) wriring harness, computer, drive lines, lower end of motor etc. California, USA I am happy to post more pics and send my cell through a private conversation. My family and I...
  5. 890man

    Wanted 37 x r16 tires

    I'm looking for a set of 37 x r16 tires. I prefer mud but would probably entertain AT. My tires are tapped out. I have been unemployed for some time but recently got a job. Unfortunately I have a lot of bills to sort out and now have a bit of a commute. I just need a used set to get me by for a...
  6. Shooter307

    Wanted 1, 2, or 3 Maxxis Creepy Crawler 37x12.50-16LT

    Just purchased one new locally, need others to round out the set. Will need shipped to New Jersey, 08234. Individually is fine or as a pair of 2 or all 3 tires together. Prefer new unless cheap used. Have 2 Lightforce 240 Blitz to trade straight for one tire or add cash on my end for others.
  7. GW Nugget

    Builds GW Nugget's Family Haulin Lx450 build

    Build thread quick link reference. Poor Boy No CDL Switch Mod Level Stock Spare Tire Mod Home Made Inside Spare Tire Mount New To Me Bumpers 35s & 15" rim Major Mistake. Don't Do This Trimming fenders for tucked 35s Reducing back spacing R&D fexing out the Lx450 Stock shock 2.5" tube extention...
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