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  1. togntime1

    Wanted Stepped Manifold Stud

    Here's what I'm looking for. anyone have one?!
  2. togntime1

    Wanted 12/73 Manifold Studs

    Or...could I use the other studs? I check tolerance of the wide part and it didn't seem to feet between the manifold assembly.
  3. togntime1

    Wanted 12/73 Manifold Studs

    Sorry for delay guys. Here's what I'm looking for. Mark, do you happen to have any?
  4. togntime1

    Wanted 12/73 Manifold Studs

    i pulled the manifolds and managed to break one of the studs off. I was however able to remove the rest of the stud from the head. I believe these are the stepped studs - the size entering the block is thicker than the end receiving the nut. Does anyone know where I can source these, or what is...
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