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  1. KZJ78 lover

    Toyota KZJ78 Australian Japanese Import

    Thanks green thing, that’s what I’ve gathered from what I’ve read so far. When you say the factory mount in the centre isn’t real strong are you saying don’t tow with it at all or only use is for light loads? I’m only looking to tow a small 3m poptop caravan probably 1000kg fully loaded...
  2. KZJ78 lover

    Kzj78 towing setups & info

    Hi I’m new here and have been troweling the forum for examples of KZJ78 towing setups. I’m in Australia and finding it hard to find any information. I have a 1994 KZJ78, 230,000kms that’s been modified already. It’s had a lift, repaint and rust protection sprayed underneath. Everything looks...
  3. KZJ78 lover

    Toyota KZJ78 Australian Japanese Import

    Hi D kzj78, I’m in the exact same boat in Australia just got my Kzj78 a week ago and trying to figure out the towing situation. I’m hoping as your post was from a 2 years ago you might have gathered some wise information you could share TIA :)
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