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  1. NM Frontier

    For Sale 1997 Factory Service Manual

    Sent ya an email for the FSM!
  2. NM Frontier

    Wanted 1997 fzj80 fsm

    As the the title states looking for 1997 FZJ80 Factory Service Manual. Used is fine as long as its intact and readable. Let me know what ya got!
  3. NM Frontier

    Wanted Factory 80 Series Roof Rack

    Sent you a PM for shipping info.
  4. NM Frontier

    Wanted Factory 80 Series Roof Rack

    I got the rack apart, now I just need to find a box for it then I'll try and figure out what shipping will be for ya. Got a zip code to use? I really need to do a build for that thing! Quick specs: OME no lift springs, ARB, 285/75/16 Toyos, Gamiviti roof rack, and home made drawer system in...
  5. NM Frontier

    Wanted Factory 80 Series Roof Rack

    I got one I can break down and ship. Just took it off my 97. Let me know and I can send ya a pic if you want.
  6. NM Frontier

    For Sale (80 series) Old man emu caster bushings

    Ill take them! Sent you a PM.
  7. NM Frontier

    For Sale FJ60 parts

    Looking for a smog hose, goes from air rail to air valve. It is #60 in the pic. Thanks
  8. NM Frontier

    For Sale 87' FJ60 parted just out, Asheville, NC

    Looking for the smog hose (#3?) that goes from air valve to air rail. Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Page 048 Land Cruiser Emission Controls Labeled as 60 in the diagram Thanks
  9. NM Frontier

    For Sale [NM-ABQ] 2FE conversion - Misc parts

    Do you still have the 3rds? If so what shape are they in? If they are decent I may be interested.
  10. NM Frontier

    For Sale Fj60/62 oem used tail light lenses

    PM Sent!
  11. NM Frontier

    FJ60 Ambulance doors, sliding rear quarter and vent windows

    What do you think it would take to clean up the sliding windows. If not to much Ill take em. Guess on shipping to NM 88005
  12. NM Frontier

    FJ60 interior and body/glass parts

    Do you have the dome lights? I am looking for the lenses or the hole units. Both the front and rear if you got them.
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