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    Body Rust Repair Questions

    You have mostly pretty truck now. Lovely metallic paint. Sadly there is poison lurking under the surface. You need to stop pretending you have a pretty truck. Lots of work there. Too much to reasonably pay a pro, at least where i live. Get an angle grinder and start grinding. Get a gas mig and...
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    How much work/expense to fix this spot?

    That area has a bunch of rust seeky sheet all mushed together in a complex shape. So many different sheets. Yuck. Dig at it with screwdriver its softness will run deep. You need to cut the rust out and weld in new metal. Im an incompetant hacker and that spot took me 2-3 full days to do an ugly...
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    Builds Out with the old and in with the new!(turboed 2h!)

    Big dremel: exactly. But really it is a case where power makes *all* the difference. I started buying a dremel brand oscillating saw, it was a total joke, bogged down and overheated just starting to remove rotted wood. Returned and got the highly regarded fein and same deal, was underpowered...
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    Builds Out with the old and in with the new!(turboed 2h!)

    Wow you're sure doing a good job. One thing, I don't know why no one ever mentions it... there's a tool called a die grinder? They are nowhere to be found in any local store but is completely fantastic for fine grinding. I bought it to help with some wooden window rot repair but is fantastic...
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    Any bikepackers on here?

    In 2019 I bought a bicycle and gear and did this one trip in india before some roads went in and made the place less remote. Caught it right at the transition. Two years earlier it was totally different and next year there will be bus service. When I got home I've got no wish to bikepack any...
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    Single speed

    The thing is, I really only like this one bike. Slowly its evolving to be terrific. Latest I swapped to dhf/dhr tire combo for the winter. So great. If I had other bikes I wouldnt ride them. I sold them because I literally hadn't ridden them in more than a year. Just gathering dust and losing...
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    Single speed

    My kona raijin. At one point I owned 4 mtb but was only riding this one so sold the rest. I'm old and slow so ride 34x23. Fork is now a float 34 140 which is much better for pnw than the old float 32 120.
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    Help Diagnose my 3B -- Blowby!

    Exhaust flow seemed fine. No muffler, its a turbo'd 3b. No rodent sign that I can spot. I ordered a used motor from... a bad seller... that is across the country. Ordered in november the motor arrived at mechanic 2 weeks ago, a day after my mechanic appointment. The ordered motor had scars in...
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    Wanted  3B engine in reasonable condition

    Hi Guys, The 3b on my 12 volt 84 bj60 is really hosed now. I'm looking for a motor that can limp me through 3-4 more years without needing a rebuild. I'm located in seattle area. Thanks!
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    Roof rust

    Probably you will take the glass out to paint? I had a rust hole that reached the gasket, windhshield guy said it would break if he tried to remove it, so i grinded all the fust away painted really well and stuffed jbweld steel stick into the hole. When it dried i painted on it until it would...
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    Roof rust

    Wow good for you not making a bondo rust bomb. Cut everything straight. Leave a gap between new and old metal, the weld metal will suck into the gap. 1/32" gap is great. The little magnets at welding store are great. Keep temp down. Dont try to weld a continuous bead, one zap, then go...
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    Body Rust Repair in Denver - Any suggestions or welders looking for work?

    The rust pictures in first post... thats maybe a bit better than mine was, but also worse. In seattle area it was big bucks if you could find someone. Could redo a ferrari for the same money. What are people thinking is reasonable money to fix that truck? $15k? The area in front of the rear...
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    Crap - Body seam rust

    Wear a mask and goggles when you go to grind on that!
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    Builds Out with the old and in with the new!(turboed 2h!)

    Seems like you could have constructed the new channel in place, welded it in place, then put bolts in too if that floated your boat. The pre-drilled holes already look like a pain to me. Better to just put some flat plate in there and drill through the whole business? End of the day though, it...
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    Builds Out with the old and in with the new!(turboed 2h!)

    If you could go back in time and give yourself advice before starting this c-channel stuff... what would you have yourself do differently? Would you instead try to fab something new in place rather than go the bolt-in route?
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