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    Patina Appreciation: Show Us Your Rusty Land Cruiser!

    A few years ago I pulled this 76' out of a run-in shelter on a farm in Nelson County KY. A previous owner's wife painted the murals on the doors in the 80's while in Louisville. I repaired the rear sill to a functional state and sold it to my neighbor so it is in good hands.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    finished the mounts for my shortened 79 series pick up bed onto my 84' BJ45...
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    Starting with, who's in Kentucky?

    I thought you were asking for a .10c tour of KY off-roading! 10cent tour of ih8mud? Check out the preservation society subgroups: | IH8MUD Forum There is a lot of original content on the 40 series vehicle tech: 40- & 55-Series Tech Hardcore corner is epic: HardCore...
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    Builds 2010 (2nd Gen) Sequoia Build

    Hoe did you handle the rear airbag height setting?
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    Starting with, who's in Kentucky?

    Hey @Bluegrass Taco, there are two TLCA clubs in Kentucky.. Bluegrass Cruisers which is mostly Lexington folks but some dotted around the state and then there is the newer chapter Kentucky Toyota Land Cruiser Association, which is state-wise. The KAT is 1000 miles of road/gravel/trail, the...
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    Lift complete on 2nd Gen Sequoia w/ 35" tires

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    May have a option to purchase a 70 series pickup bed

    I recently picked up a complete 79 series bed and the seller has a couple more. It's basically brand new! Message me if anyone is interested and I'll connect you.
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    Builds Farm Fresh LV

    Wow that's great commitment to your project. This rivals the 3 days and 3300 miles later thread! Keep up the great work.
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    Colorado 2017 trip blog

    Absolutely Wow'ed! What an epic trip Gary! Your write up made me feel like co-pilot. Does your 81 have AC?
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    For Sale 1993 FJ80 N. Kentucky area, locked and lifted

    Bump! I've seen this around town and it looks solid
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    4x4 Labs rear bumper

    Yours looks great! Mine should deliver soon so I'll share pics once it's installed.
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    JT's 88 4 Runner Build

    Thanks JT. I'm gathering parts presently. Thinking I will order the cage kit ASAP. Thanks for your input... don't want to hijack your thread any further so I'll convo you on my build questions as I go. I'm enjoying reliving some old threads lately, this is a favorite.
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    JT's 88 4 Runner Build

    Doin really well JT! We have our four kids who are 4, 6, 8, and 10. Between piano, soccer, basketball, et cet we are busy to say the least. Sounds like you are in the same routine. I haven't gotten out wheelin as much either but I've shuffled rigs again. Presently I have my BJ45 trayback...
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    Eastern Kentucky: Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    Hey thanks for sharing this!
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    JT's 88 4 Runner Build

    Nice to reread this thread Still wheelin it?
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