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    3B Alternator Alternatives

    I went with this 12V 1-wire internally regulated alternator from cruiserparts for my 3B. It has the pump and works with the aftermarket wiring harness I am installing.
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    HJ47 Disc Brakes

    I did complete this recently and I kept the drum brake master cylinder, I have not taken it out on the road yet but the drum brake booster seems to work fine with the front discs.
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    Where did you go with your Mini Truck or 4Runner this week?

    Thanks! I put 37" Trepadors on it and love them but I am going to need to clearance a little bit but I don't want to affect the look of the wheel wells much so that is my next project. I previously had 37' procomp MT2 on it and they cleared fine.
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    Where did you go with your Mini Truck or 4Runner this week?

    Refreshed the wood pile from the backyard...
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    HJ47 Disc Brakes

    You can swap the drum knuckles for Toyota truck/4Runner or -79 and newer land cruiser knuckles to get disc brakes. Your drum steering arms should be the same “large pattern” to fit the knuckle studs since yours is a non-US issued cruiser.
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    Where did you go with your Mini Truck or 4Runner this week?

    Hit some trails in eastern Kentucky over the summer:
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    Patina Appreciation: Show Us Your Rusty Land Cruiser!

    A few years ago I pulled this 76' out of a run-in shelter on a farm in Nelson County KY. A previous owner's wife painted the murals on the doors in the 80's while in Louisville. I repaired the rear sill to a functional state and sold it to my neighbor so it is in good hands.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    finished the mounts for my shortened 79 series pick up bed onto my 84' BJ45...
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    Builds 2010 (2nd Gen) Sequoia Build

    Hoe did you handle the rear airbag height setting?
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    Lift complete on 2nd Gen Sequoia w/ 35" tires

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    May have a option to purchase a 70 series pickup bed

    I recently picked up a complete 79 series bed and the seller has a couple more. It's basically brand new! Message me if anyone is interested and I'll connect you.
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    Builds Farm Fresh LV

    Wow that's great commitment to your project. This rivals the 3 days and 3300 miles later thread! Keep up the great work.
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    Colorado 2017 trip blog

    Absolutely Wow'ed! What an epic trip Gary! Your write up made me feel like co-pilot. Does your 81 have AC?
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    For Sale 1993 FJ80 N. Kentucky area, locked and lifted

    Bump! I've seen this around town and it looks solid
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