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    Rhinestone Cowboy - '75 Mustard FJ40

    Toyota radiator should still be available and comparably priced to aftermarket.
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    SOLD Jack holder 79-84 FJ40

    PM sent
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    Restmod Air

    They’ve got a pretty cool showroom local in Coppell, TX just off 635. If you haven’t been by I think it would definitely be worth a visit. I remember seeing a smaller unit when I was there, that while too small for a 40, might work well in a 45.
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    Old weatherstrip removal

    I like both of these a lot:
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    FJ43 Belt Configuration Assistance

    Bottom one should be factory configuration. If you click on the belt in the reference table at bottom, it should give you the Toyota part number for OEM configuration.
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    1981 FJ40 with A/C and broken radiator overflow

    This is non Toyota A/C. You should be able to use the new radiator from Toyota for non A/C trucks.
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    FJ43 Identification help

    Roll Bar. Absolutely not. I have never seen one with a drop down tail gate either. Usually rear doors with metal bottoms and soft uppers. If the Top is original, the plastic on sides will have Toyota marks like a piece of original glass.
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    Funny thing about that picture. If you zoom in the passenger is actually on his iPhone !! 😂😂
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    Gobi Rack

    There are at least two installed in Dallas. I’ll pm you contact info for one of the owners. I believe it is a fairly unique mounting system and actually there is no drilling. There is also a ladder to reach up to that the make and the whole top can tilt back to remove the hardtop and leave the...
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    A flared out quarter panel

    Just guessing without pics. Not sure if your’s is Japanese spec but there was a flared sheet metal flare that came with some models. May have just been the mid - wheel bases though. Lot’s of pics here:
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    For Sale Ft Worh, TX 1989 FJ62 wheels

    PM Sent
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    SOLD D/FW Texas - Set of 5 stock FJ60 wheels - $50

    I’ll take them. PM sent.
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    What’s it Worth

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe a late model J07 cluster which would be appropriate for this truck should have 6 digits and a 10th going to 000,000.0
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    FJ43 A mix match of parts on my foreign vehicle

    Also This web site should give you year and month produced for your vehicle and also has a good cross reference for part numbers among various model years and specs.
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    FJ43 A mix match of parts on my foreign vehicle

    I always use my model number on the following site. You will want to select general countries spec as opposed to Europe or North America. That should link to your truck. I will grab the Toyota part number from the diagram and then google it. From your example you...
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