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    Wits’ End takes over production of the PHOTOMAN alt mod

    I am also interested in the OD water pump pulley...
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    Rear Cargo Panel Clip

    Does anyone know the part number for this white clip in the photo? I can't seem to locate a proper part number.
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    Australian-style Off-Road Radio Antennas (GMRS & CB & Ham)

    How long is the coax cable? I have my MX275 mounted in the rear of my 80 and was curious if the cable can reach it?
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    Engine rattling noise at light throttle, any ideas

    I have the same issue. Mine doesn't make the noise in park or neutral only when driving and using part throttle.
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    For Sale Dubai: 80 Series quad headlights

    Got any with the chrome housing?
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    **With Video**Need some help diagnosing warm engine only, rpm dependent engine rattle 96' FZJ80

    Did anyone ever find out what this issue is? I am having the exact same problem at 252k.
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    X-Bull recovery boards on blowout!

    Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered a few sets.
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    SOLD San Antonio: FZJ80 Window Regulator and Motor

    These are for the fronts. I don't believe they will fit the rear.
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    SOLD San Antonio: FZJ80 Window Regulator and Motor

    I have both front left and right-side window regulators and motor assemblies. Aisin RPAT035, RPAT036 brand new in box $150 plus shipping.
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    Help with snorkel

    I found this post (#396) while searching stating that flow is increased with the SS82R model. Can you still purchase the older HF model in the states? The "Official" 1HZ/1HD-T/1HD-FT Airbox/Intake Mod Thread -...
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    Front door lock actuators

    I had the same problem and got tired of taking the doors apart to fix the motors when the epoxy kept failing. So I purchased new actuators for the rear and just removed the motors and stuck them in the front. Not a cheap option but I don't have to deal with it anymore.
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    Sourcing window regulators

    No only for the fronts. I haven’t found any for the back yet.
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    Sourcing window regulators

    I used the AISIN ones from Rock Auto. I haven't had them that long but so far so good. I may have an extra brand new set laying around PM me if interested. Window Regulator Driver Window Regulator Passenger
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