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    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    100 series ahc parts. I have all the parts for a 2005 lx470 ahc system. I removed them at 180k mi and the ahc was working fine without issues. Normal pressures and no problems. Included is a set of springs for the rear that are slightly stiffer for ahc 100s with bumper or weight on rear...
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    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    That would be great or just drop them with Rob. Whichever is fine. Thanks Ethan and Lee
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    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    Let me know hows best to get with ya. If you're in tville let me know.
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    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    Hey Lee, Ill take the spare 100 series cv axles. I could definitely keep as a spare for my 100. Thanks, Trey Edwards
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    Yellow Box speed calibrator install

    yes i have mine in the cab just right of the center console/foot well
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    Red Hill's Corporate Headquarters

    Man I am ready for a sausage dog.
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    TLCA Sanctioned Club

    We will most likely have the first meetup this summer hopefully in June. We are still seeing increasing cases locally in Thomasville Ga. Kim Smith and I have been very busy at work dealing with COVID19, I am a family physician in Thomasville. South Georgia has been hit fairly hard with corona...
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    Club News

    Kim mentioned doing a zoom meetup sometime. I am not sure if this would work but could be an option.
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    Club Logo

    just a basic idea. i do not have the technical skills needed.
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    Local Scenery

    I just went down millpond sat night. 730. we went at dusk. It is probably about 10-15 mi ride.
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    Members Cruisers

    I need more picture of the 100 but her are the 4. there is a 5th in parts at Rob's. I have a 1982 BJ41 with factory PS, AC, winch, a 1996 FZJ80, a 2005 LX470, a 1979 FJ40 that was previously a mud truck on 40's, and a 1979 FJ40 we may build one day if I ever have time that is currently taken...
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