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    Wanted LX470 or 100 series factory roof rails and crossbars

    Sorry, I get home when it's dark already, can you wait till Saturday or do you want pictures taken when it's dark outside already?
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    Wanted LX470 or 100 series factory roof rails and crossbars

    I have a full roof rack in great condition and the black strips available. I wasn't planning on keeping those black stips Iso wasn't as careful removing it. I'm very close to 91790 so shipping wouldn't be necessary.
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    Builds 60 guy does a 100 series LC...

    No oil change light on early 100s
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    Is a 2001 Tundra 2UZ-Fe a compatible replacement engine for a 2003 UZJ100?

    I think I read the early Tundra 4.7's were made 8n Japan.
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    squeaky passenger side door panel

    You can search for a door lock actuator replacement thread. That should have the door panel removal process.
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    Best manual for a newbie

    A lot of us here use M1 75/90 in both diff's and transfer case. Make sure you turn on the rear heater when you burp the cooling system. Change the heater t's while your at it. There is a very specific way to adjust the brake fluid level and transmission fluid level.
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    New to me LX!

    Welcome to mud! Not sure if Amsoil makes a WS equivalent fluid but for the long service interval you might want to consider using the OEM Toyota transmission fluid. These 100's are sensitive to transmission fluid level. Make sure it's filled to the right level using the FSM steps. My 2001 LX...
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    Steering rack - what else to fix "while you're in there"?

    You'll know when a manifold is leaking. If your car makes a tick, tick, tick, tick sound coming from the manifolds when you turn it on. Most of us leave it alone if the ticking sound goes away when the car is warmed up.
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    For Sale Des Moines - Various 100 Parts

    Thanks. Just looked at my 100, I don't have the indents to mount it.
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    For Sale Des Moines - Various 100 Parts

    What does the 3rd row cargo cover look like?
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    product ideas - 100 series

    @BenCC has been turning out a bunch of 3D printed stuff for us.
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    Lugnut question

    Some here buy them at Costco, a thread from a few years ago shows a price of $2.86, not sure of the price now.
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    Sulfur/rotten egg smell on low mileage 06

    Unless your short on funds try to put in a 27F. A 24F fits, but the 24F is smaller and also fits toyota camry's. If you have a Sam's Club membership you can buy a H8/49 AGM, they are on $20 right now.
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    Picked up a new 100-series

    That's totally true about there aren't any 100 series toys at all. When I was a little kid I bought random 1/18 model cars I liked. I actually have a 1/18 scale 80 series, haha.
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