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    Heater Core Options for a 93 in 2020

    He’s talking about the heater core not the radiator for the engine.
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    Retro Stereo for a 60

    This is the 80s tech forum. You’ll have better luck in the 60 s forum.
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    Heads up CDan is long since retired from the parts guru business. Search mud for lots of good Toyota OEM parts options. Odd that a dealer would put in an aftermarket radiator. A local Indy shop yes. But not a dealer.
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    Some aftermarket POS. Baseline that gorgeous 80 series with toyota OEM parts
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    Congrats and nice 80. What’s going on with that PCV valve hose ?
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    D shift light is down

    normal after 23 years of use
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    US Spec. February 1990 Poverty 80

    yeah. Looks like the seats were simply removed. Holes in the carpet and screw points for the second row. Still a unique rig.
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    US Spec. February 1990 Poverty 80

    Have any interior pics of the second row seat delete??
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    US Spec. February 1990 Poverty 80

    I take it that’s a USA spec 80 series. Never heard of one without the second row of seats. Third row yes but not second row. roof rack, wind deflector and running boards were all port installed options. The no sunroof and lack of rear sliding windows and no fender flares make the truck unique...
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    Retro Motortrend 80 review

    great video of the new at the time 1993. They say sticker was 40,000. In 1993 dollars that was very pricey. Taking inflation into account the current 200 series is priced at the same price point.
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    1995 fzj80 - Need a new Radiator

    Go OEM and modify your fan clutch if you live in a year round hot location. Many threads on this or buy a pre modified clutch at wits end.
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    1995 fzj80 - Need a new Radiator

    based on what data??
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    SE Denver recommended Indy's?

    I’ve heard these guys are good. Not that close to you.
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    Down the rabbit hole... 1995 FJ80 Progress Thread

    Congrats. Nice cruiser. Was this the moonglow pearl cruiser listed on craigslist? If so, score with the cloth seats.
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    Body work gurus advice needed, how do I fix these small dents?

    Might want to post these pics and question in the paint and body section of mud.
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