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    48 hour emotional roller coaster. First time 80 owner. New to Forum.

    I was under the impression that the cotter pin clamps were only installed at the factory. How did you tighten it?
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    How much is this damage worth...

    Keep looking. Plenty of clean non damaged 80s out here in Colorado.
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    Dash swap

    I’d just pass on the truck. How much electrical damage will you run into with all the mice living in it? Anything is possible but putting an earlier style dash in a late model 80 is not practical.
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    Water pump/thermostat replacement issues.

    Flush and refill coolant as others have described. X4 on using a Toyota thermostat and water pump.
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    1992 Dash Pad

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    This could be my last post :(

    all depends on how deep you wallet is and your emotional attachment to the rig.
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    This could be my last post :(

    It's like Cruiser Dan said many years ago. An expensive SUV doesn't get cheaper with time. The cost of ownership can be steep with these rigs at times.
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    Finally some 3FE love

    All original clean 80s will continue to increase in value. It’s up to 15,500. Faded paint, cracked dash? Classy wood stick to hold up the hood.
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    1994 LC- Should I stay or should I go?

    Repaint. Not oem color. Front bumper is also painted same color as body If it’s in good mechanical shape I’d keep the 80
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    What type of hardware/screws do I need to install an OEM bug guard/hood deflector?

    You will need 4-5 rubber stops that attach to the top side of the hood via adhesive. This prevents the plastic from over flexing at high speeds. I’m sure these are NLA via Toyota. Without these stops the defector will vibrate/ wobble. And yes the defector uses screw holes already in place. I...
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    The 'What are you listening to right now?' Thread

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    Forbes says 300 series TT hybrid

    Doesn’t seem that far fetched for certain markets.
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    Gone after 2022?

    Sooooo. the 300:series is not due until 2023? Seems like the time to pull the plug would be at the end of the 200 series run.
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    Parts ID numbers assist please

    Year of 80 series?
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    Gone after 2022?

    “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
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