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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    A little before and after of what I got done today - had been putting it off for a while but really glad I got it done. I had hoped my D and P lights would come back with new bulbs but that was not the case (I did try many different bulbs and rotating them - if you have any ideas why they...
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    Help sourcing 2 new parts - 93 fzj80

    PM me the price, is it the whole assembly with the new hose/cap?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Finished removing the lpsv brake lines and hardware. Removed the abs harness from front and rear axles. Changed brake pads front and rear. I bought napa eclipse calipers to change out front and rear but the rears had cast material in the threads so back to napa they went - some people have had...
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    Events/Trails 2nd Annual DLC Coal Creek Winter Summit

    Alright my girlfriend and I are coming for sure, got some new parts in and ready to roll! We both has university classes and work into the evening so we are not leaving until 5/6pm from Auburn Al. We will arrive really late to the campsite area and will meet everyone in the AM (Sleeping in the...
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    80 Series carbon footprint - I lose

    On the off chance this isn’t satire and you’re being serious, I’d urge you to reconsider burning tires. The burning of tires can pollute the soil, ground water, and air in your area. Often states impose fines for burning such trash that can break down into hazardous waste.
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    Silicone hose sourcing/availability?

    X2 Exactly what you should be using. If these hoses can last 200k miles/20+ years might as well go another 20.
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    SOLD  SOLD Delta Powder Coated Ceiling Storage Brackets (FZJ80) - SOLD

    $54 new, selling these for $35 shipped. In good shape with signs of use. Please view the photos carefully as these are the exact items for sale. Located in 36830 but willing to ship to all 50 states. SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    Wanted  91-94 Fj80/Fzj80 Curved front & rear fog light switches

    Part numbers below, I also need the harness plastic retainer and the harness pigtail. Rear fog light switch part no. 84160-60040 Front fog light switch part no. 84160-60030
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    For Sale Switches for 80 Series - Curved

    I’m interested in two, can you include pigtails and the plastic harness retainer with the switches?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Lots of fun today. Brakes feel so much better with the new booster and master cylinder + deleted the abs/lpsv. Just waiting on the new extended brake lines/calipers to get here!
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    Help sourcing 2 new parts - 93 fzj80

    That’s disappointing
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    I really appreciate the response, I’ll see if someone steps forward and posts them. Wanting to pull the trigger in the next couple months for the combo. Love the work!
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    Help sourcing 2 new parts - 93 fzj80

    I'll probably give the parts department a call tomorrow, replaced the master cylinder today among some other things and really like being able to see the fluid levels from the outside!
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    Would love to see the round headlight cutout installed on a truck vs the rectangle opening. How would adjusting the headlight angle work with these (Guessing from the rear)?
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