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    New FJ60 Owner + Stereo Install

    I’m definitely interested in this bracket. Please provide the vendor who can print these. Thank you
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    SOLD Austin, TX: 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4 5-speed Short Bed

    Is the new price $17499 or is that the original asking price?
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    SOLD Reading, PA 1994 Extra Cab V6 3.0

    hi @BROKEROB1 , yes i did and thank you. I got busy with work and haven't had a chance to get back to this forum and see you sent me the info. I will probably call tomorrow. Thanks
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    SOLD Reading, PA 1994 Extra Cab V6 3.0

    Very interested. Do you have a number i can call for more details.
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    For Sale TX: ARB 3800050M Roof Rack

    I have only been to Houston once in my 40 years of life so I doubt I’ll ever make it back there again. I do pray that the damage is minimal for you guys over there and no lives are taken. I do make it to Austin 4-5 times a year but again, difficult to transport without a pickup or trailer.
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    For Sale TX: ARB 3800050M Roof Rack

    Still for sale but cannot ship. Too difficult to deal with on shipping. That being said, I’ll take $250 for a rack that is nearly new.
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    My album

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    Tuffy Box Shipping Receipt
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    For Sale 1962 FJ40 FST with 13B-T and H55

    Click the ‘62 link right above the price and it will forward you to the pics.
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    For Sale Black Tuffy Series II 6.5in Wide Security Console

    Console is Sold. Thank you all for your interest.
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