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    Has anyone put a FrontRunner Footwell Water Tank in their 100?

    The sound of sloshing water inside a rig is surprisingly annoying.
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    Has anyone put a FrontRunner Footwell Water Tank in their 100?

    What? I keep fuel under the passenger seat.
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    Barn Find 74

    In California you will have a couple of avenues. Make sure the vehicle is noted on the purchase of the property. You can go lien sale, abandonment, etc. The fact that you own the property now makes things easier. Dig around the property. The title might be there somewhere in a lockbox or...
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    craigslist 72 FJ40 in Culver City - Tan - looks good

    I read 1979 drivetrain, which is very feasible. Ad states clean title in hand. I would definitely verify.
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    Found a really neat winch for my fj40 ramsey dc9-1 dc9

    You shall winch eternal. Shiny and chrome!
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    Rear FJ40 fender flares

    Clean it up and sell it. Every change you make will detract a potential buyer.
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    Help fitting champion 4 core radiator

    Did you get their fan shroud as well?
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    Repop fuel hardlines

    Thanks @GA Architect for the recommendation, but I believe that tool is really only suitable for aluminum and Nicopp is even too much for the tool. @65swb45 I did come across the Classic Tube lines. I was...
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    The Ironpigs.

    I don’t own a 55, but I kind of want one.
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    Repop fuel hardlines

    Contacted Rainman. He doesn’t make fuel lines.
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    Repop fuel hardlines

    Thanks Racer X. I forgot to Google custom brake lines. BTW, when are you getting domelights back in stock?
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    Repop fuel hardlines

    Does anybody have recommendations on who makes fuel hardlines for the 40? I’m missing the return hardline, and the small section that passes through the floor grommet. I can bend and cut my own from Nicopp or steel, but beading the end to make a barb for rubber hose and clamp is very cost...
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    For Sale 1997 Lexus LX 450 Triple locked.

    Maybe they just got out of the Dr. Pepper after 16 years?
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