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    For Sale FJ-100 18" Rims & Tires

    There was obviously a communication problem between us, which is understandable. Over the phone I did say that I would look into sending a deposit through Western Union. After doing some research I emailed you expressing my concern toward Western Union in that it is widely used by scammers. I...
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    For Sale FJ-100 18" Rims & Tires

    First... Very interested. Will be in LA on the 22nd of this month. Do you have any pics?
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    100 series 18" Wheels and Tires - Nor Cal - $500

    DIBS PM sent.
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    FOR SALE 1991 4Runner 4x4 4in Lift

    Willing to negotiate....
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    surf n turf 08'

    Guys, Will be at surf and turf this year and will have this truck in Oceano if you're interested in seeing it. Will negotiate. Thanks! Slo
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    FOR SALE 1991 4Runner 4x4 4in Lift

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to sell my 1991 4Runner 4x4 that has a 4 inch Superlift and 33 tires. It's V6 Auto with ~156K miles and runs strong. Power locks, windows, and sunroof. Also comes with rear tire carriage with a brand new 33. Recently aligned with new battery and shocks. Listing at...
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    5 Wheels.. 18" 100 Factory Alloys Cheap!!

    Interested! Any way we could get pics?
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    Turbocharged 2002 UZJ100

    Slee, Wow! That's exactly what I want to do to my LC. Except it would cost way more than $23K. :eek: Are you going to be at this years Surf and Turf? If so... bring it.... I may be enticed! Slo
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    How do I update my NAV in 2002 LC?

    Wow... it wouldn't let me post "BIT" "CHE" (put the words together... it's a program)
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    How do I update my NAV in 2002 LC?

    Torrents... Although maybe I shouldn't have admitted that. :) Try BitChe and microtorrent... they work wonders!
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    How do I update my NAV in 2002 LC?

    Hey Guys, I recently bought (stole) a 2000 LC that had a nav from a later model installed. The DVD map was a 4.xx which is a few years old. I was able to download the Gen 2/3 V7.1 and get it working in my nav without any trouble. For some reason it only works on a Verbatim DVD+R or +R DL. (I...
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