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    What are you working on?

    Looks like those threads are 12x1.25. I don't have a helicoil set for that size. Sorry!
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    In first picture that Hummer looks like a Porsche 914 on steroids!!!!!
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    For Sale PA Energy suspension FJ40 body mount kit

    Thanks for helping me get the garage cleaned out!!!!!!
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    What are you working on?

    Good luck finding another knuckle!!! Personally I would be OK with a helicoil repair done correctly. I might even have a HC kit here in that size I believe it's 12MM not sure what the pitch is offhand. Let me know what you plan to do in the meantime I'll look to see if I have a 12MM kit...
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    1969 FJ55 - Bentonville, AR

    I believe I may have a coupling lying around but honestly I have never seen one fail. Let me know if you don't get one elsewhere.
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    1969 FJ55 - Bentonville, AR

    Think about using a hydro boost setup from a late model Chevy/GM pickup. There's room for it and as long as you have power steering already it gives plenty of boost!!!!!
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    For Sale PA rear window mechanism complete

    Mechanism has been sold Thanks!!!!!
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    For Sale  PA rear window mechanism complete

    Here's a complete rear window lift/lower mechanism. Yes the arms are in correct time and the wire leads are uncut and unbutchered, motor and gearbox all there. Plug and play as far as I can see. $125 buyer pays shipping. I'm cleaning out the garage and when this stuff is gone it's gone. Best to...
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    For Sale  PA transfer case front wheel drive nose cone

    I suspect this is from a three speed case but am unsure because it is heavily ribbed. The gear on the output shaft is ten spline. No cracks turns freely $140 buyer pays shipping best to email me
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    SOLD PA FJ60 fat body electronic distributor

    Distributor has been sold. Thanks!
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    SOLD PA 2F cylinder head

    Cylinder head has been sold. Thanks!
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    Pig calendar

    I remember it like it was yesterday!!!!! I remember Brutus (Steve Colavito) wanted yo just yank it onto its' wheels by hand but we used a strap and somebody's winch.
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    FREE Various clips, clamps, sprigs, pins and odd bolts - Help me clean the garage!

    Great to see stuff being given away! Every year at the coal mine event I take as many coffee cans full of land cruiser and metric hardware and small parts and give them away the guys love it!!!!!
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    SOLD  PA 2F cylinder head

    Dug this baby out from the back of a shelf not sure where it came from but I think it's probably from a mid-late seventies 2F. You can see the casting numbers in the photos. I know good cylinder heads are awfully hard to come by these days, I'm gonna put a $250 price tag on it. And I don't want...
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    SOLD PA FJ40 red insignia steering wheel center pad

    Pad has been sold and shipped.
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