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    Front axle seals leaking AGAIN....

    Another cause of leakage from the birfield area is corrosion damage to the big Bally thing. I cleaned mine up reall good and applied POR15. From memory i just bought one of their small kits that included the prep products and a small tin of paint. They are now shiny black with just a slight...
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    Super Glow vs Wilson Switch on a 1HDT Conversion

    I have never even seen the glow plug light operate on my HDJ81 with the 1HDT motor. I would be surprised if you actually needed glow plugs to get a 1HDFT to start unless it was extremely cold. I would try it out and see before getting to far into the glow plug systems.
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    '95 HDJ81 Cruise Control Question

    The unit in the picture is the Cruise Control actuator. Should have a plastic cover over the parts that you can see. It often benefits from lubricating the pivot points for the actuators. Lack of speed under cruise control could be caused by slack in the cable between the cruise control module...
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    80 series front Axel pushing out dust cap

    There is no way that you could get 3/4 of an inch of birfield drive section sticking out of the drive flange unless the outer end of the birfield was sheared offf.
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    Noob question about hub seal/knuckle rebuild

    If you have the fully floating rear axle then the difference between the inner seals is a easy to tell as the rear inner axle seal is radically smaller than the front axle inner seal. Unfortunately i don’t have any experience with the semi floating rear axles.
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    80 series front Axel pushing out dust cap

    The drive section of the bir field is restrained from moving out by the brass bushing on the inboard end of the spindle. If the brass bushing / or bushing / bearing combo is not in place the drive section of the birfiled could move out but not 3/4 of an inch. Did you change a birfiled joint...
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    HDJ81 Stock Dual Battery Questions

    If you connect any accessories to the USDS battery +ve and chassis earth or any other vehicle earth then the accessory will see 24 volts during starting. Both batteries are connected to chassis ground during normal operation. The USPS battery directly to the chassis and the USDS via the...
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    Dash light replacement in an 80? OEM vs new LED

    The only issue I had when I replaced all my instrument cluster lamps was the bulb for the charge indicator near the volt meter. An led is not suitable for this because the bulb is part of a current bridge. If the alternator is working the lamp will not glow. The led upsets this. Also it is...
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    100 series grille

    Hi there Kelly. Great to see that you‘re making progress. I hope mine is in there somewhere. Hoping to get it in time to get it powder coated and fitted for Christmas. I am sure that you are doing your best. Thanks again
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    Issues with differential locker

    No Center Diff lock indication / operation means that you can switch the Diff Lock switch to ask for FR and RR diff locks but will only get the flashing red lights. depending on year of manufacture or specification your Truck must be either in low range with the CDL light on or in High Range...
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    BP-51 for the 80 Series

    I took my truck to an off-roading event in central New Zealand. Lots of challenging terrain. Adjusted the shocks to be fairly soft for the off road stuff and things seemed to be OK. Still running around with it set soft and the ride is very soft. Doing a 5 hour road trip on Friday so I will...
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    Need advice. Looking to install a Pyrometer on my beaudesert turbo dump tap.

    Drilling cast iron gives shavings like sand. I had no hesitation at all in drilling my own manifold. I drilled a small pilot hole and then slowly increased the size of the drill until the hole was tapping size. You can also coat the drill with a bit of grease to catch cuttings if you want. I...
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    Need advice. Looking to install a Pyrometer on my beaudesert turbo dump tap.

    Tapping into the exhaust manifold before the turbo is the best location for an EGT probe. The temp drop across the turbo is both large and variable so a probe after the turbo is sub optimal. You want to be getting the info about temp as it happens before the turbo. Not much use having the news...
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    BP-51 for the 80 Series

    So I have now fitted the shocks to my truck. Fitting was a real easy job, but there were a few challenging things. Even after disconnecting the front sway bar i had to use a small jack to push the front axle down to get the bottom shock mount into place. All of the parts supplied for the...
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    BP-51 for the 80 Series

    OME 2” lift over standard. Will post number when i get home and have out the original invoice. Replacing the steering damper as well. Might even replace the front springs if i can determine how much they have sagged. Front springs are OME850’s and the Rears are OME863’s.
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