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    Wanted 79-85 minitruck steering box

    Where in CA are you? I have a steering box, not sure if its late style or early style though
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    For Sale SF Bay Area : 4 brand new 37x12.5x17 Patagonia MT

    I have a 3-4" lift with procomp shocks that I will be swapping out of my 40 soon, if you're interested in the whole set (4 springs, 4 shocks) maybe we can think about a trade. Not sure if my 39s will fit when I lower it 2", so 37s could be perfect
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    My first 40 and some suspension tech/ questions

    I appreciate the offer J! I'll def take you up on that, maybe sometime this week? I'm in class all day Tuesday/Wednesday so maybe we can shoot for Thursday. Looking forward to it. Thanks
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    My first 40 and some suspension tech/ questions

    Thanks for the info peesalot, and yes I should have been more clear in the original post, the previous owner performed a SR I do plan to redo the shackle angle in the front with the new springs and aim for a better angle between 60* and 45*. I would love the run custom springs but I can't fork...
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    My first 40 and some suspension tech/ questions

    Hey all, Left the 4runner gang and traded for a '73 40 series. Who wouldn't accept that trade? The 2nd previous owner converted the 40 to SOA with a 4ish" lift with some god awful 3 pack leaf springs and es9k procomp shocks. Let's just say your grandpas old John Deere tractor rides better...
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