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    Need A Source for Factory Style Cat Exhaust Flanges

    I'd like to make 2 "test tubes" to temporarily replace the factory cats on my 94 Land cruiser. But I'm having a problem finding a source for cat exhaust flanges that will marry up to my exhaust pipes that use the factory doughnut style exhaust gaskets. If anyone knows of a source please PM me...
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    OBD for 1992 FJ80

    This is correct, the Snap On MT2500 does a great job on OBD1 trucks. I've used my MT2500 for years and the nice thing about using it on OBD1 trucks like my 94 Land Cruiser. It live streams all the engine data, so no need for a paper clip or counting the number of "check engine" light flashes.
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    leaking gas from top of tank

    My tank has not started to leak so I'm not sure that NHTSA would even respond to my inquiry since my tank has not failed. No offense Dan, but since you worked in a dealership parts department for years, and may of had knowledge of this problem way longer then most members here on Mud. I could...
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    leaking gas from top of tank

    I wrote a comment on this thread back in Aug. of 2017, and seeing that this thread now has over 200 posts, it's clear this problem hasn't gotten any better. Since this is a MAJOR safety issuer, i hope this doesn't have to claim someone's life before the National Highway Traffic Safety...
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    Required Equipment to pass emission test (Maricopa County AZ-- OBD1)

    sjpitts like Cruiser Dan just told you above, the pair system is a type of air injection system, so that would make it required emission equipment for your truck. But if you really want to find out, why don't you call the Arizona Dept. Of Environmental Quality and ask them this question. Seeing...
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    Rear full float axle hub installation tip

    A smidge must be akin to that famous German torque setting we have all used at one point or another, better known as goodntight.
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    fj80 and lx450 ps pump rebuild

    You should look at all the trouble you had removing and installing that snap ring as the perfect opportunity to tell your wife she needs to let you spent more money on tools.
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    Required Equipment to pass emission test (Maricopa County AZ-- OBD1)

    sjpitts I may be able to help you a little bit. I lived and worked in Maricopa county for over 50 years. I saw the start of the first emission testing program in Maricopa and Pima county. I went to the ADEQ school for auto repair shop owners who did emission repairs when the state switched over...
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    Rear tire carrier option - Wilco Hitchgate Solo?

    garfieldthecat Here are a few mounting photos for you. This shows 4, of the NAS grade 10, twelve point aircraft bolts holding the carrier to the factory bumper. The other 2 grade 10 bolts are hidden under those 2 black caps marked K19. This photo shows the 3/16 inch thick doubler plate...
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    Have the body shop source one from a wrecking yard. In fact I'm sure if you looked at the classifieds here on mud you'd find more then a few trucks being parted out with the headlight you need.
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    Method Race Wheels Beadlocks Issue

    Thanks for the civil back and forth, i really enjoyed discussing this topic with you, even so, I'll still have to disagree with your statement, and i quote" If you look closely at things where people's lives are on the line if they fail grade 8/10.9/12.9 hardware is generally not used" end...
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    Method Race Wheels Beadlocks Issue

    Bending those bolts via unsupported sheer stress until they bent, or snapped, with a cheater bar proves absolutely nothing. Sheer stress and tensile stress are not the same thing. The Sheer stress your test displayed is not the same type of stress those bolts would experience if they were...
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    Method Race Wheels Beadlocks Issue

    I have to say, that I'll have to agree, to disagree with you're statement above. Below are just two simple examples of where peoples lives and safety VERY MUCH depend on high grade hardware not failing. Like airplane grade 10 NAS wing bolts that attach the wings to the fuselage. Or like the...
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    80 died on the fwy!

    Or resistance causing a heat build up from corrosion between the male fuse blade and the female spade/wire in the fuse box. Correct me if i am wrong, but i seen to remember there have been more than a few members who have had problems with corrosion in the wires, and on some of the connectors in...
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    Catalytic Converter Theft

    If i remember right in Texas, you have the legal right to use the 2ND amendment to protect not only yourself, but your property too. If that bum's not careful, he just might end up receiving a high speed death injection. As that old saying goes, bums who play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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